Often when we think of the term abundance, we think of money or wealth, but truly abundance relates to having enough. As a coach I want my clients to have reserves in all areas of their lives. Having enough to just get by is simply not good enough, nor will it create the kind of extraordinary life that is possible when one moves out of scarcity.

Reserves apply to all areas of our life, material and non material. Reserves of time allow spontaneity, reserves of money prevent fear and allow flexibility in regards to what one does with their time. A reserve of energy gives you enough personal power to take advantage of the situation you are in and to enjoy your life. Reserves of household items and food will carry you through an emergency or disaster. Reserves of emotional strength allow you to be there for someone and be truly present when it makes a difference.

Abundance is similar to reserve in many ways. If you are a person who has a to-do list that is so long you can never imagine seeing the end of it, you are certainly not in abundance with regard to time. If you are someone who is under a great deal of stress that is imposed by other's demands on you, you will deplete your personal power and emotional strength as you meet the demands. If you are someone who never has time for themselves, you are not living an abundant life. If complaining about the situation you are in is part of your routine, you will not be in a place to notice everything you have to be grateful for nor will you feel particularly blessed with abundance.

Who do you know who always has time for what is important to her? Who do you know who has reserves in all areas of his life? How is a life with abundance and reserves created? How would it be for you to have reserves in every area?

Certain qualities are inherent in an abundant life.

These include but are not limited to courage, gratitude, clarity, patience, openness, consistency, acknowledgment, enthusiasm, respect and having fun. We have been conditioned over our lifetime to have certain beliefs that limit the abundance in our lives. This conditioning becomes an internal motivator and creates scarcity in the areas where we most crave reserves. How do you turn this around and create abundance where there has been scarcity?

Be aware of what limiting beliefs or scarcity patterns you are living with. Working with a coach can help you identify your limiting beliefs. The Rockit Coaches specialize in the area of limiting beliefs. The Rockit Evolution Group Bring it On! Program focuses on permanently erasing the data bases of limiting beliefs so that you can paint the canvas of your life in a way that is most pleasing to you.
Change your operating system from a do, have, be mode to a be, have, do mode. This is a very important distinction because in the first you are doing (your to-do list), in order to have something, so you can be someone. When you leave do-do land you create the space for being.
Identify your intended result. We call this starting with the end in mind, (what you want to have or who you want to be). When you know what your intention is (clarity) and how you will measure it (clearly and objectively), you will find that your results will manifest rather magically and effortlessly.
Connect with your dream (vision) so that you can fuel it with your passion.
Remember that you are bigger than your problem. If you are having a challenge in an area, understand that this is quite often the opportunity to break through to a new level of understanding or a chance to make a shift. Move, dance, breathe, take a walk, play with your dog, do anything that will shift your energy from the heaviness you feel and allow the wisdom of your higher self to come to your assistance.
Keep an abundance journal. This is also known as a gratitude journal and it will make a huge difference in your life. Every day list the 10 things you are grateful for and then list another 10 things that you can acknowledge yourself for. Gratitude and acknowledgement are powerful tools in this process.
Our ability to create abundance and reserves in our lives is related to how well we are able to manifest our dreams. Are you living your dream?

“You never know what is enough until you know what is more than enough”

-William Blake


© Karen Vizer 2005

Author's Bio: 

Karen Vizer has an extensive background in business administration and management in the healthcare setting. She spent 15 years as an executive in healthcare prior starting her own business. She has a nursing degree and a Chiropractic degree. Karen received her coaching education from Corporate Coach University, Coach U. She is a founding member of Coachville and is a member of the School of Coaching.

Karen is internationally known as a coach, workshop facilitator, mentor to other coaches, and author. She has coached individuals, business owners and organizational leadership and teams. Karen is passionate about supporting others in aligning with and bringing forth their gifts in a way that feels magical and delightful to them.

Karen is pioneering a unique body of work and process called the Rockit Method of Consciousness Shifting. This process allows us to support others in becoming free of their conditioning, fears, habits and beliefs that limit their experience. Our processes and tools eliminate these barriers to success permanently allowing you to paint the canvas of your life to be exactly as you desire it to be.

Karen lives with her dog Angel in beautiful Desert Hot Springs, California. When she is not working you are apt to find her poolside or swimming with Angel. Karen loves travel, gardening, cooking, wine and wine tastings, dancing and connecting with others.