I just had the pleasure of interviewing John Assaraf from The Secret, for InspireMeToday.com. His feature day is coming up soon. Knowing how John creates his life with Vision Boards, I shared this story with him (which he loved!)

In January of 2007 I decided to relocate from California to Colorado. My children were grown and this was the first time that I could live wherever I wanted to live. I made my vision board and included the things that I wanted in my new life. Some of the things that were on the board were a home in the mountains, a new BMW and to find and build an amazing relationship of love, passion, respect and abundance. I even included a photo of a Gulfstream airplane, because I love to fly. If you’re going to dream, why not make them BIG dreams?

I flew to Denver in February, found the perfect home in two days and moved to Boulder in March. My daughter, Carly, came to help me get settled. As we were moving in and decorating the house I told her that I was now ready to meet the love of my life. She asked me if I’d put in my order with the Universe yet, and I told her that I’d just finished my list of everything I wanted in a partner- all 150 things describing the perfect mate for me.

As I unpacked a painting I did a few years earlier, Carly stopped me in my tracks. This painting was of one solitary heart, and although it was beautiful, it was only ONE heart. Carly reminded me that I wanted two hearts in this home, not one. I put the painting back in the box and drove to the art store in Boulder. I purchased a double canvas, drew two interlocking hearts on the back of the canvas, planning to paint two hearts on the front. On “his” side, I wrote… My love is kind, handsome, intelligent, successful, etc, and listed all 150 things that were important to me. I figured it I’m going to do this, I’m going to do it right!

I’d already met a few men on the internet and had a date the following night with a man named Darryl, who lived only 2 miles from my new home. I had a good feeling about this guy, so instead of meeting him at the restaurant, he came up to my home to pick me up for dinner. As I was showing him my new home he saw the canvas on my easel. “What’s this?”, he asked. I explained what I was doing and why, and he smiled and asked if he could read the back. I thought that was pretty brave for a first date but figured he might as well find out what he’s in for right up front. I flipped over the canvas and he smiled saying, “Yes, yep, yeah that one too, almost there but working on that one, yes, yes” as he went from one attribute to another. This new man fit the order almost perfectly!

We went out and had a great date. The next day Darryl went out of town for two weeks. During that time we talked each day on the telephone and grew closer, while I painted my heart painting on the canvas each evening.

By the time Darryl returned back to Boulder 2 weeks later, I was already falling in love with him. We saw each other the day he came home and had a very memorable evening. There was something magical about this relationship and we both felt it. Three weeks later Darryl moved in with me. We married this past April and I can’t imagine a better relationship. And, he drives my favorite car, flies a Gulfstream 4 airplane, loves my favorite places and supports charities that are dear to me- the exact things that were on my vision board!

We’re so convinced that this works, that we’re creating a new vision board now. Have you created yours yet?

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