Good visualization skills will ultimately contribute to success for all those involved in self growth and personal development programs. Visualization is always one of the key factors that must be developed for consistent success, and rightly so. We live in a mental universe and it is our consciousness that actually gives us the sensation of the life that we experience. So if we are unable to create thought images as detailed as we would like, the full realization and satisfaction of our world will probably be lacking.

Everything that we do, we do so in the form of some thought image, a picture with emotions and other sensory information. However, most people have not really developed their ability to create these thought images. A simple test for this is to think about the future you most desire to have. What does that future look like? Describe the image that you see in your mind’s eye of your goal.

Most people have great difficulty doing this simply because they have never fully developed this skill. When they engage in goal setting, as part of their personal growth and self help programs, they eventually lose interest in the program because they are unable to generate the pictures that are necessary to follow through and achieve their goal.

Without those pictures, those thought images their mind does not have a plan to follow and no clear blueprint, to impress into the universal mind for physical expression. When the image of what we want is unclear or missing there can only be confusion. What the mind cannot see it cannot achieve!

Here are a few tips and exercises that you can do, on a daily bases, to help develop your image creating abilities.
Exercise number 1.
Try observing something around you and record what you see. Write down everything that you observe about that object, and then ask someone else to observe the same object and see if they come up with a similar list. This can be fun if you make it into a game and it is a great way to introduce older children into the world of focused visualization. Most young children have already mastered this skill. Next, close your eyes and see how much of that object you can recreate in your mind in detail.

Exercise number 2.
Observe two similar, but different items, such as two trees. First pick out the things that make them similar, next observe the things that make them dissimilar. Again, just as you did in the first exercise, after you have completed the first part, close your eyes and see it you can create both trees, one at a time, in your mind. Next, to make it even more interesting see if you can create both trees in your mind at the same time.

Exercise number 3.
Observe an object around you, then close your eyes and recreate that object in your mind, only put it in another location. If you observe a tree in the woods, or even your back yard, imagine that tree on a beach, or even in the middle of a parking lot.

Please don’t attempt to do these exercises one right after another you will only meet with frustration and end up abandoning the whole process. These exercises should be done over a period of weeks, even months. Take one per week and do that one every day or several times per day. As you master one, move on to the next one. Your ability to visualize is like any other talent that you have, it must be developed. Each one of these exercises will introduce another variable for you to master. As you do each one you will learn how to observe, how to recognize detail, but also how to add detail to your own visualizations and work with your imagination. As you work more with your imagination you will also be opening the door to fuller realization of your intuition. That is the ultimate goal. That is when you will make the most of the law of attraction.

Author's Bio: 

For over thirty years I have had a passion for studying the principles, methods and techniques of spiritual, and personal growth and development and executive consulting. Over the past 10 years in addition to private and corporate consulting, I have lectured and conducted workshops in various parts of the country to help others learn these principles and techniques, and to teach how thoughts and emotions affect personal and corporate performance and well-being, to teach individuals how to recognize and connect to the true Infinite Source that dwells within each of us.

I am an Ordained Minister in the Agape’ Center of Metairie, LA. I have a Master’s degree in counseling and a N.H.D., Doctor of Natural Health. I am certified as a trainer in Neuro Linguistic Psychology and Clinical Hypnotherapy. I am also a licensed and certified Life Success Consultant.

For the past 20 years I have been fortunate in having the opportunity to study ancient writings and teachings with 2 of the remaining true initiatory mystery schools existing tod