Small businesses make up 98 % of the nations business industry. Outsourcing to virtual assistants known as a VA is gaining ground every day and becoming even more lucrative for small business owners. In order to understand why this is happening, let’s first look at what a Virtual Assistant is and what services they may offer a small business owner.

Virtual assistants provide various services to small business owners to help with the tasks that are needed. Each Virtual assistant should be able to provide some basic services for their clients. These basic services would include tasks like: email management, customer service duties, organizing files and typing documents, data entry, making appointments, and customer follow-ups.

Some well-trained and more experienced VA’s may offer specialized skills like: Website Designing/Updating, Accounting/Bookkeeping, Desktop Publishing, Power Point Presentations, or Writing & Editing. The list of services an experienced VA may offer is not limited to the above examples.

Businesses are starting to use VA's rather than full time employees because they only pay them for the work they do. Business owners don't pay for office space and they don't pay for insurance or bonuses. Many small business owners want to run their own business and be successful, yet they do not have the experience or management skills to do that alone. That is where outsourcing specific workloads to a VA can save the business owner time and money so that the owner can focus on the areas of business they are experienced in thereby, allowing the owner to optimize their valuable time and resources.

The following points illustrates how valuable a good VA can be to even the smallest business:

1) Better Time Management: Statistics suggest that owners of small business typically spend between seven to twenty five percent of their time handling employee-related paperwork issues which consume most of their productive time. But by outsourcing some or all of their employee-related functions - such as payroll, bookkeeping, business owners can focus on what they do best. And in the process they can improve productivity and even save some money.

2) Better Efficiency: Business owners who do everything by themselves often suffer from lack of expert services. Expertise offers work done in less time. Studies prove that increasing the efficiency of operations is the propelling factor behind 58% of the outsourcing decisions of businesses.

3) Better Cost Control: By opting to outsource, companies can convert fixed costs into variable costs. So business owners can put money directly into revenue producing activities. This gives the business owner more control over his expenses both short-term and long-term.

So when a small business owner comes up against something he/she is unfamiliar with in our ever competitive business market, an experienced Virtual Assistant can make a big difference in how well a task is done and in how expensive it is to complete. Outsourcing could be the temporary fix to keep a small business owner in the game. Time is money and every dollar counts when a small business owner is struggling to survive.

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Charlette Woodcock is a Virtual Assistant with an Office Administrative Degree and the founder of Simple Steps Services. Her dedication to her clients and business associates gives her a strong competitive edge. She enjoys working from home, spending quality time with her family and helping her business associates experience success.