We are each beings of light. Within that light are all the colors of the rainbow—all the aspects of God and humanity—all the power of our natural spiritual abilities. Why do some of us open to the full spectrum of our magnificence and power? Why do most of us continue to see only black and white?

My Dad was colorblind his whole life. He was a "good" man—faithful husband, dutiful father, respectful son, hard worker, trusted employee, solid citizen, on the school board, town council, church elders—hell, he was even the mayor of the city—but he only saw the world as various shades of gray. He often asked me as a child what color different flowers were. I’d describe to him the planet I perceived as best I could. As a child, I often wondered why he chose not to see all the colors of the rainbow of life.


Funny, I always saw his colorblindness as a choice, a decision. I could feel my father’s fear of being bombarded with too many colors to look at—too many attractive choices, too many exciting paths to follow in life. I could feel his relief, his comfortableness, in not seeing too many attractive possibilities—and in doing so, not having to choose between too many intense passions and divergent options.

I cry for my father and all the other men, and women, who choose to limit their exposure to disappointment and frustration in life by limiting their vision—who decide to be safe, rather than sorry, within their gray skies and gray walls. I cry out of love—and understanding. I know why they look away from the alluring bright lights, the captivation of the dazzling dawn, and the frighteningly brilliant hues of a fiery sunset. They are scared of bring snared, captured, by the wonders of the world if they acknowledge the infinite magic of each moment, the aliveness of unchecked spontaneity, the wild electricity of every life encounter. They feel risk where others see adventure. They feel threat where others see opportunity. They feel danger where others see liberation.


Why are some people excited by life’s banquet and others terrified? Our openness to life’s bounty is determined by the decisions we make along our journey—decisions about what we can "safely" handle, what we can "pragmatically" create, what we "realistically" deserve. Our freedom to grow and be happy comes from discovering and re-making those choices, mindsets and self-images—about who we are and what life is really about.


What do you think is the purpose of life? Do your actions and life choices flow from what you think is the meaning of your life? Or does your behavior in life actually reflect a different set of beliefs? One of my teachers observes, "You can tell what a person really believes by watching how the person acts, not by listening to what they say." A person’s behavior—personal everyday choices—reveals most accurately what they really believe is central and important in life.

For example, many people think they believe that life is about sharing their blessings of time, talents and money with others. However, if you closely watch how they allot their time and resources, you see a very different motivating force driving their choices—most of their energy goes into building private reserves of money and "things." Many folks genuinely think they believe "we are one," yet their actions scream separateness and competition. A lot of people say "the universe will provide," yet they worry all the time about money and they take jobs they hate. Many "believe" they have a "soul mate," yet they settle for a "comfort mate" just to keep the horror of loneliness at bay. Most people believe in abundance, yet don’t have what they want. Many people believe they are "eternal souls," yet their fear and insecurity shout, "I’m not safe."


Why the gap between what we think and say we believe—and how we act? Because our "unconscious" beliefs are running the show! Because what we create in life is actually the sum total of our conscious and unconscious beliefs."

How can you tell what beliefs are lurking under your surface, keeping you from true happiness? It’s obvious—simply look at what realities you’re currently creating in your life. Anywhere you’re struggling—financially, emotionally, physically—you have subterranean beliefs undermining your stated goals.

The way to create the prosperity, love and health you want in life is to get in touch with—and transform—the unconscious limiting beliefs that are counteracting your well-intentioned conscious thoughts. The way to "Have It All" is to transform your unconscious sabotage. Then the gap between what you say you believe and how you act will close—your actions will align with your natural state of abundance and support, and goodness will flow naturally in your life.

If you’re willing to "Have It All"—to let in the multi-colored richness of God and humanity—take the leap into your magnificence and power now.

It’s your life. It’s your choice.

Author's Bio: 

After curing himself of blindness, Keith Varnum has applied his approach to human potential in a practical way as a life strategy coach, author, acupuncturist, filmmaker, radio host, vision quest guide, restaurateur, corporate executive, and international seminar leader with his Dream Workshops: www.TheDream.com, 800-736-7367.