You will be amazed at how easily you can use the universal Law of Attraction to get whatever you want in your life!
Actually, this Law has been at work all along, but probably you never heard about it or learned that not having it under conscious control results in being bounced around like the ball in an endless ping-pong game.

The Law of Attraction means that wherever you put the energy that's in your beliefs -- there you are! Let's take a look at where you are now. Your beliefs, which are formed by your thoughts and attitudes, have been programmed since childhood. Your parents taught you to believe what they had learned about life. What they taught you isn't true or false -- it’s just their experience, their "blueprint" for either success or failure. They inherited that from their parents and their life experiences, and so on back for countless generations.

Later, teachers and peers helped form your beliefs, and their influence, just like your parents', also sticks in your energy fields. But are all of these beliefs benefiting you? Did you form a conviction that you'll succeed -- or that you'll fail? Did you learn to trust in achieving abundance -- or experiencing lack? Think about this. Maybe some of your beliefs are like junk computer software that needs to be eliminated so more effective software can be installed.

What we believe forms our lives! Remember, the Law of Attraction is nothing more or less than our beliefs in operation. The energy we put into our thoughts, words and actions -- which are based on our beliefs -- brings back from the universe the circumstances that match our energy output.

The Law is neutral. It doesn't judge what you believe and it doesn't know what is in your best interests. It only delivers in accordance with the energy of your beliefs. For instance, if you believe that you don't deserve to have more money than you do, the universe will insure that you don't get more. If you believe that it's hard to succeed in any endeavor, the universe will make things hard for you to succeed. This isn't punishment -- it simply corresponds to what you believe!

If your beliefs aren't giving you fulfillment where you are in life, despite all of your programming, you have the power to change it. So let’s look at where you want to be and how to get there using the Law of Attraction.. It's so simple! All you need to do is choose new thoughts and attitudes that are aligned with what you want. What you want intensely -- you get! Where you concentrate your attention -- there you are! In essence, the Law says, “Your wish is my command!”

Replace annoying and disruptive mind chatter with uplifting, positive thoughts and align your words and actions with these thoughts. This will create new beliefs, and the energy you are putting out will change accordingly. The universe will provide correspondingly! So decide what you want -- more joy, friendship, supportiveness, prosperity, emotional or physical well being, job success -- and just focus your attention on the uplifting, positive thoughts, words and feelings about whatever that is. The Law of Attraction will bring it into your life.

For some reason, it seems easier to think, speak and feel negatively than positively, so beware of feeling fear, anger, impatience, self-doubt or any other negative emotion! The Law of Attraction will deliver circumstances to justify those feelings very quickly! It is important also -- and rightful! -- to think of gratitude, such as “Thank you, God, for even more love, joy, freedom, success and abundance!”

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Taylore Vance, one of the founders of Cosmic Energetic Healing and Laser Reiki (an advanced forms of Energy healing,) is an author, teacher, energy healer and workshop leader. If you would like more information about her visit