Nothing can be more sensual than a warming massage, especially on feet. And, in these economic times, it's an affordable way to allow you to relax with your partner and stimulate intimacy. But, while one of the main benefits of a foot massage is to relieve tension, people who are embarrassed about how their feet look may find the idea of a foot massage stressful.

Carol J. Buck, CEO of Xenna Corporation (, a distributor of natural foot care products, says "According to many podiatrists, the distress resulting from unattractive feet or toenails can be extreme. Even married patients may try to keep feet hidden from their spouse - sleeping and even having sex with socks on."

For individuals who are too embarrassed to enjoy the benefits of a sensual foot massage, Buck says it's important to address the underlying issue - foot appearance. "A caring, supportive partner will be uncritical, while trying to help solve the problem," she says.

If your partner is too embarrassed to enjoy getting a foot massage, Buck suggests helping them get over this hurdle by giving them products which will improve the appearance of their feet so that over time, they'll be able to enjoy its romantic benefits.

Xenna's natural foot care products cosmetically improve the appearance of feet and toenails. Diabetic-friendly, NonyX® Nail Gel and CalleX® Dry Heel Ointment were developed and patented using formulations that focus on the exfoliation of keratin - the protein contained in skin and nails. The result is innovative products that can make embarrassing feet and toenails attractive again.

Buck says she finds some of her mail about Xenna products "Valentines Day" sweet. "People like to share their candid moments with us when they find our products work for them," she says. "For example, one woman wrote: 'My husband is happy [I bought CalleX Ointment] for two reasons: He doesn't hear me complain every day and I don't snag our satin sheets with my rough feet.'"

The natural enzymes in acid-free CalleX Ointment exfoliate thickened skin areas, while moisturizing and rejuvenating dry, cracked heels. Fast-acting, CalleX Ointment transforms rough, scratchy heels into feet that are baby-soft, producing significant improvement within 15 to 30 days.

For unattractive yellow, thick or discolored toenails, Xenna's patented NonyX® Nail Gel offers a unique, natural approach.

NonyX Gel is a topical, easy-to-use gel that gradually breaks down and removes keratin debris - the off-white, granular buildup under nails that makes them look so ugly. NonyX softens keratin debris, so that it can be exfoliated and scraped out with a manicure tool, beginning after about four weeks. On a per ounce basis, NonyX Nail Gel is just $6.25 or less an ounce. Sold in a 4 oz. bottle, one bottle will typically last 3-4 months.

Buck says, "How we feel about our appearance affects our intimate relationships and our self-esteem, regardless of age. One gentlemen wrote, 'I used to be ashamed of my toenails. But now that I've used NonyX, I can wear open-toed sandals without people staring and saying, 'What ugly toenails!' I'm 87 years old but I still want to look cute!'"

Both NonyX and CalleX are diabetic-friendly and offered at a major savings with mail-in rebate coupons downloadable at All Xenna products are unconditionally money-back guaranteed.

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Xenna Corporation values the environment and formulates brands containing natural ingredients are made in the USA, not tested on animals, not in PET containers and not harmful to the environment.

NonyX Nail Gel is sold in the FOOT CARE section of Walgreens, Rite Aid, CVS, Walmart, Meijer, TARGET, Snyders, Longs, Duane Reade, Giant Eagle, HEB, Kerr Drug, Bruno's, ShopKo, Bi-Lo, Hannaford, Duane Reade, many grocery stores in the Southeast and most Medicine Shoppe pharmacies.

CalleX Dry Heel Ointment is also sold in the FOOT CARE section at Walgreens, Rite-Aid, CVS, Walmart Supercenters, TARGET, Snyders, Longs, Duane Reade, Giant Eagle, HEB, Kerr Drug, Stop & Shop, Bi-Lo, Bruno's, many grocery stores in the Southeast and most Medicine Shoppe pharmacies.

Xenna Corporation is a privately-held, woman-owned company based in Princeton, NJ which develops and distributes natural personal care products for skin, hair and nails. To contact them call 800-368-6003 (business hours, Mon-Friday Eastern Time). View their press page at