Valdosta State University was founded in 1906. It is a public university, located in Georgia, United States. The total economic impact of VSU is approximately 8% of the entire employed labor force in the huge Valdosta Metro area. Like the rest of the other state universities, VSU also provides associate, bachelor, master, doctoral degrees in a variety of different streams.

Undergraduate degrees are awarded in fields such as applied science, associate of arts , bachelor of arts in 13 major programs, the bachelor of science in 11 major programs, the bachelor of science in education in 12 major programs, bachelor of business administration in 5 major programs, bachelor of music in 2 major programs etc.

Valdosta State University has several colleges and divisions under its domain. Some of its colleges are: College Of Arts And Sciences, College Of The Arts, The Langdale College Of Business Administration, College Of Education, College Of Nursing, The Division Of Aerospace Programs, The Division Of Social Work etc. There is also a graduate school in Valdosta State University.

The most popular majors of VSU are: accounting, biology, criminal justice, early childhood education, management, sociology, speech communication, communication disorders, sports medicine, athletic training etc.

There are four hundred and six full-time faculty members at the university, 75% of the faculty members possess terminal degrees in their fields. The in-state tuition fee for undergraduate level was $1496 per semester in 2004-2005. Students applying from out of state & graduate students will definitely have very different costs. Financial aid is very much available with a combination of grants, scholarships, loans, work-study programs, subsidies etc.

There are fantastic well furnished class rooms in VSU, along with well-equipped laboratories, observatories, dormitories, eateries, museums, parks, playgrounds, dining halls, volleyball, basketball, badminton, tennis courts, libraries, administrative buildings, hostels, swimming pools, gardens, lawns, study rooms etc. The eateries of VSU are famous among its students for its multi-cuisines ranging from Mexican food to Japanese food, Indian food to Italian food, Caribbean food to Chinese food.

The hostels are very comfortable and extremely luxurious, everything from elevators, cafeterias, washrooms, tennis courts, music and dance rooms, painting halls etc are present in the hostels to make living a joyful experience. Every teacher speaks six different languages, so that students do not have any problem in understanding the syllabus. Weekly examinations are held to assess the improvement and knowledge of the students and the students scoring low grades are taken proper care.

VSU also has efficient hospital and first aid facilities since they do not take any chance with the student’s health. Wardens are present in each floor of the hostels to take proper care of the students and to help them if they face any difficulty.

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