Utah State University was founded in 1888. Its main campus is located in Logan, Utah. Utah State University also provides academic resources and support for the state as a whole, including an excellent continuing education program. USU conducts world-class research in various agricultural and natural recourses disciplines. USU has long standing strengths and powers in the study of the American West, in the humanities. It also offers online education, distance education. It also has cooperative extension programs and education centers all over the state.

It awards associate, bachelors, masters, doctoral degrees in a variety of different streams. USU completely is accredited by the Northwest Commission On Colleges & Universities.

USU is composed of seven different colleges. These are: College Of Agriculture, College Of Business, College Of Education And Human Services, College Of Engineering, College Of Humanities & Arts & Social Services, College Of Natural Resources and the highly acclaimed College Of Science.

Bachelor’s degrees in USU are awarded in agricultural education, economics, accounting, elementary education, biological and irrigational engineering, history, landscape architecture, environmental planning, music, fisheries, wildlife, range land resources, biology, mathematics, liberal arts and sciences.

Master’s degrees are awarded in animal science, ecology, business administration [MBA], Human resources, instructional technology, American studies, English, wildlife biology, biochemistry etc.

USU provides 36 doctoral degrees across all the seven colleges of the university. Doctoral degrees are awarded in economics, audiology, psychology, engineering, sociology, forestry, watershed sciences. As mentioned above USU has seven different colleges and forty one different academic departments. It receives more than $100 million annually to conduct successfully various researches, for all students and numerous faculty members.

Since USU is such a renowned institution it provides financial aid to all its deserving and needy students to help them to complete their education in USU. It also provides grants, commissions, work-study programs, scholarships to the students for their convenience.

USU has numerous, well equipped classrooms, dormitory, administration buildings, laboratory schools, observatories, gardens, performing arts rooms, It also has various greenhouses, amphitheaters, art museums, gymnasium halls, playgrounds, volleyball courts, basket ball courts, badminton and tennis courts, parks etc.
It also has fabulous eateries and canteens in various regions of the university, which dishes out all types of tasty cuisines according to the needs of the students. There are also various fresh fruit juice and junk food corners in the university.

The accommodation provided to the students is fantastic. Pure drinking water, continental and home made food is also available in the hostels and dormitories.

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Utah State University is a very old university founded in 1888. Learn more about Utah State University Information. Also you might also be interested in knowing more about Online University and facts about them.