A few years ago, there was a movie produced called “The Secret” which introduced to the mainstream population the principles of the Law of Attraction. The basic premise is that whatever you dream of, you can create by focusing on what you want and how you will feel when you achieve it. If you can dream it and believe it, you can achieve it.

It is a wonderful movie. However, the movie leaves the viewer believing that if you can visualize your dream and experience the feeling state that you will feel when you have achieved it, then it will magically happen. If you think hard enough then things will change.

Having a vision for success is extremely important. In order to achieve what you want, you need to have a destination in mind!

You also need a map so you can plan and organize the steps you’ll take in order to achieve those desired results.

But the biggest piece missing from the movie, the thing that most people struggle with is ACTION. You cannot attract success without action.

The Law of Attractiveness
The Law of Attraction works when you focus on taking action to become the kind of person who deserves the success you desire. In other words, you must become Attractive. If you dream something great, you must commit to becoming the kind of person who would, as a natural outcome, attract those things in order to create that reality. It should really be called the Law of Attractiveness.

What this means is that you focus your actions steps on developing the qualities and characteristics that someone would possess if they were already successful in the way you would like to be successful.

If you want to be thin, for instance, what are the qualities you need to possess in order to attain health and wellness? What are the action steps you need to take in order to develop those qualities? Are you willing to do what it takes in order to have that outcome?

If you want to be rich, wealthy, and enjoy lots of material things, what are the qualities and characteristics of someone who has lots of money? What are some of the things they do to attain that money and maintain their wealth? Are you fiscally responsible and good at investing? What do you need to do in order to develop your mind in such a way so that you think like a rich person because, you know, rich people think differently than indebted, broke, or poor people?

If you want an improved relationship (with your boss, your parents, your spouse, your kids), then what are the characteristics of the kind of person you need to be in order to participate or create the kind of relationship you envision? What action steps do you need to take today, this week, this month, in order to develop those characteristics so you can become the person who would, as a natural outcome, enjoy this kind of relationship?

A Focus on Being Rather Than Doing
This is not easy work. It forces you to focus your attention on developing yourself, rather than focusing on how things aren’t the way you’d like them to be or how things should be different. It also means you stop blaming others or telling them how they should change and instead focus on developing yourself, which is, in fact, the only thing you can control or change.

Most people don’t want to hear that it actually requires effort or work, which is probably why this part of the message was left out of the movie. We have unrealistic expectations for how long it takes and the process required to actually create something new for ourselves. People want a quick fix. You want to take the pill and lose 50 pounds overnight. Or perhaps win the lottery or make that big sale. You don’t want to hear that it takes time, years perhaps, to create what you want. You see a successful person and think they must be lucky. “That should be me,” you think to yourself. “It should be easier than this!”

In reality, there are no overnight successes. Any success, whether it is financial, physical, relationship, or other, requires work and attention and time.

In fact, when you dream great dreams, there is a risk. The mind can play tricks on you. You create this marvelous fantasy of what it will be like when… You can become very attached to this fantasy being your reality. In fact, you feel entitled to it. After all, you have worked so hard at creating the ideal fantasy you feel you deserve it, don’t you? Of course, you haven’t done any of the work; so far, all you’ve done is dream of it. But this attachment to your fantasy is so strong that you feel entitled to have it be real. Only it’s not real right now. Reality differs and this gets you upset. Angry. Frustrated. Disappointed. You can feel enraged, in fact, that your dream is not, in actuality, what is true. Reality can become your nightmare.

This sense of entitlement plagues people today. Society seems to be encouraging people to expect to get whatever you want without doing the work needed to acquire it. In other words, people focus too much on the outcome and not on the process or the work required in creating that outcome. And the emotional upset this causes is a huge source of stress.

The more willing you are to embrace reality as it is, the easier it is to take positive action toward creating a new future. Wishing things were different wastes time and effort better spent on action steps that will in fact help you get to where you want to go.

Appreciate the Pace of Change
There is a season to things and you cannot know how long it will take to achieve the results you seek. Trust that the universe is conspiring to present you with your rewards. It will happen when it is meant to. Focus on preparing yourself for success and being open for the opportunities when they present themselves.

When you focus on becoming the kind of person you want to be and developing the qualities and characteristics that will lead to success, you empower yourself because this is where you have control; this is where you can create impact and where you will experience less stress and make the greatest impact. Become attractive. You will feel better about yourself as you begin to unleash your brilliance. And you’ll learn to enjoy the journey giving up the struggle with fantasy.

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Julie Fuimano, MBA, BSN, RN, CSAC is dedicated to helping you break through the barriers to your happiness and success. She is a masterful coach, a motivational speaker and world-renowned writer and author. For additional resources and to sign up for her inspiring e-newsletter, visit NurturingYourSuccess.com or email Julie@NurturingYourSuccess.com