With all of the things we have to remember these days, why entrust anything important to your memory alone? To help organize your life and keep stress at a minimum, always carry a paper and pen with you to jot down important items that you need to do or ideas you don’t want to forget. There are, of course, gadgets on the market that will also help you with this.

For those things that you need to remember on a regular basis, you might want to generate a checklist and make copies of it to have on hand. What lists can you come up with to make your life run more smoothly? Here are several suggestions to get you started.

One of my favorites is a packing checklist to use when you go away overnight. Don’t you take the same basic necessities plus other appropriate items each time? Make a list of those items with extra space to fill in the items that vary with each trip. Use a word document or spreadsheet and make multiple copies to use over the course of several months. It is very easy to make changes, and you will not be as stressed when you leave on a vacation or business trip.

Examples of other types of lists and reminders include:

* Birthday lists and gift ideas for friends and family
* A wish list of items you want to buy for yourself
* Items you have loaned to people and things you have borrowed
* Your personal goals and dreams
* Questions to ask when shopping for a major purchase
* Weekly grocery shopping list
* A short morning-routine reminder list to check before you leave the house

Use these suggestions along with your own ideas for lists and reminders to help your household and your life run more smoothly. Time spent getting your life organized now will result in less stressful days in the future!

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