Success and personal growth go hand in hand. As you move closer to your ideal of personal success you’ll find that you’ll hit plateaus. You move to a certain level of success, and then you get kind of stuck. When that happens take a few moments to think about what you need to get what you want.

Your current success and personal growth has come from your existing skills and knowledge. Now that you want to go farther, what new skills or knowledge do you need to get you there? How will you get those skills and knowledge? Are those skills and knowledge things you need to develop for yourself, or would it be better and smarter for you to outsource that work to someone who already has those skills and knowledge?

If you aren’t sure what you’re lacking you may need to do some research. You may want to start your research by taking a good look at someone or some company who is already where you want to be. Perhaps you need to know more about the people you want to use your product or service, or the people you want to provide support for you. What do you need to research to learn more about those people, and where is a good place to look? The more you understand what makes other people successful, and what the people you need want, the better position you’ll be in to take the next step.

Building on your existing strengths is a better way to achieve success and personal growth than focusing on your weaknesses. This is true for you and the people who work with you. Who do you need to develop further? Who do you need to reach out to that is farther than you in their development, who has superior skills and knowledge than you? At some point you’ll come to the realization that your success is directly tied to the quality of people that surround you. If you want to be a super star you need to associate with other super stars. These super stars don’t necessarily need to be in the same field as you they just need to be super stars in their own right.

What do you need to do to get what you want for your own personal growth and success? Now you know that you can expect a path of continual growth and development. As you move along your path for success you’ll outgrow people and circumstances and grow into new people and circumstances. Outgrowing people and circumstances isn’t a bad thing, you don’t have to leave people behind, but rather you move up and help them to move up making it a mutually beneficial relationship. Sometimes you’ll find people who are afraid to move up, and you may be able to help them have the courage to move up or not, but you need to maintain your forward momentum for personal growth and success.

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