Your staff is a most powerful resource to help your business and your vision grow. While each person is hired to implement certain responsibilities in your company, your input and guidance brings their talents to new levels of fulfillment. Using your intuition to boost your perceptions, can help you train your staff to be effective contributors to your business environment.

Using your intuition is a process of following your impulses and listening to your gut and your joy. Pay attention to those sinking feelings and the euphoric ones. Don’t brush the feelings away. Consider them a vital part of your personal wisdom. To use this inner wisdom to train your staff, you will need to “tune in” to each person.

The easiest way to tune into your staff is to watch them while you are in neutral. Watch them without expectations or a critical eye. As you watch, “feel” for their energy and how they engage with the different aspects of their job. Feel for their interest or lack thereof in any number of the activities that their job entails. When you tune in this way, you are sensing their energy, their joy and interest in their work.

While you are in “Tune In” mode, feel for these three qualities or aspects: "INSPIRATION, THE VOID, RESISTANCE."

Inspiration is joyful, uplifting, fun and involving.

When you sense this quality you are tuning in to inspiration. You hired this person based on their skills to fill a particular position. Watch them in their work and feel which aspects of their job bring them joy and light them up. Feel for how their energy moves, what they become involved with and how they spend their time. You will intuitively learn what aspects of their job engage them the most beyond the criteria of which tasks they accomplish. If you hired someone to organize your store and keep everything on track, and you “notice” they motivate your sales people, you may have found your next manager. When someone is absorbed and happily involved in certain parts of his or her job, you may be able to expand their responsibilities in that particular area.

The Void Zone is the blank space where little or no energy is generated.

A person may even appear to be busy, but nothing is getting accomplished. Feel for this in your staff. Each person has work or aspects of their work that they would rather avoid. Knowing each person’s Void Zone will help you redirect their energy toward their inspiration or find someone else to takeover those responsibilities. If there is no one else capable of assuming those Void Zone responsibilities, you may also be able to bring more energy to that area in other ways, especially if you have “tuned in” to their inspiration. By knowing the Void Zone, you can reorient, retrain your staff or hire someone to fulfill that particular aspect of a job.

The resistance is the area that has limitation; it feels unmovable, stuck and unyielding.

This is the energy that stops someone. When you feel this coming from a staff member you are hitting something that needs to be addressed in a more direct manner. It may simply be that they do not know how to do a certain part of their job and simply do not like it. By sensing this, you can direct yourself to providing them with more training or incorporate other ways to accomplish it. If the resistance is rigid, then you may want to eliminate this aspect of their job and give them new responsibilities. Of course, if their resistance is significant and involves more than one area, you may want to rethink their position in your business.

By using your intuition to help you train your staff, you can bring more, joy, efficiency and energy into your business and boost your own fulfillment and success. Then the flow of your business will bring your vision into even greater heights.

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