Basic Factor

Essential oils, derived from herbs, can be utilized in the following forms.

1. Use of essential oils with vaporizers
2. Using of essential oils with water.
3. Massage
4. Aromatic Relaxation
5. Tonic, Aromatic skin care
6. For relieving pains and aches
7. For Aromatic skin care
8. For inducing sound, reposeful and refreshing sleep.
9. Aromatic Ambience
10. Use of Essential oils with applicators.

If is a myth that all essential oils are costly and not affordably be majority of people. This statement is party true, for the simple reason that most of such oils are well within reach of most of us, while a very few can only be afforded by affluent and rich gently but, all the same, multiple benefits, accruing after use of essential oils to dispel various disorders, cannot be negated nor denied. There is hardly and (herbal) cream/ointment where oils of plants are not used. It is maintained that, by weight, gold is chapter than rose oil but it is also true that gold cannot dispel your ailments but rose oil can. If you purchase a set of phial of these oils, you won´t be spending more than what you spend while feting and entertaining your relatives/friends in a restaurant. See the gains you derive by spending on your party and essential oils. When it is the question of health, money factor is hardly of any consequence. Remember, if you are in disposed, you won´t be able to enjoy your food also.

Before drying essential oils, a few cogent factors and facts need to be kept in mind, viz.

(i) Essential oil is a spirit-like substance, especially if it evaporates in the air.
(ii) Oil derived from sunflowers or olives are turgid and greasy substances which do not evaporate in the air, hence those are not volatile.
(iii) Scent of essential oils is extremely strong if sniffed neat and directly.
(iv) Some essential oils help to revive consciousness quickly, say if a person falls unconscious, he can be revived.
(v) Essential oil is not, at all, oily, but makes your eyes, water as soon as smelled or sniffed.
(vi) If a drop of an essential is put on the tissue, the drop will disappear quickly.
(vii) Fragrant oils are oily, give out a pleasing smell and do not evaporate as essential oils do.
(viii) Carrier oils are used as vehicles in which essential oil is mixed so as to make the oil massage more effective and to hasten penetration. You can easily use mustard, coconut, oil as ´Carrier Oils´ for massaging purposes, hence there are pressed vegetables oils which are said to be safer and better. Such oils are known as ´Professional Carrier Oil´ or ´Fixed Oil´.

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