This has become a nationwide epidemic. We live in a society that lives in the Fast Food Lane. Forty years ago, most meals were eaten at home with family. Now we eat out or on the run most of the time.
What ever happened to sitting down as a family and enjoying dinner together?
I know it is hard with most families needing two wage earners to survive. There is precious little time for the traditional evening meal. So we order pizza or hit the burger joint for a quick meal, and off we go. Most of this food is very high in preservatives and some heavy metals. Almost all of them have
aluminum in some form or another. The cheeses used by one company in their cheeseburgers have aluminum in it to make it smoother and creamier. McDonald's just approached the FDA to increase the amount of aluminum to help with the taste. There are a number of health conditions linked to an excess of aluminum. Aluminum has been shown to be a neurotoxic compound if it is allowed to enter the bloodstream. Patients exposed to dialysis water high in aluminum may develop encephalopathy
(defect of the brain) and/or bone mineralization disorders.
Aluminum has also been suggested as a cause of Alzheimers disease, Lou Gehrig’s disease and other forms of senile dementia. It is still unclear if aluminum leads to these diseases or if it is that the diseases cause brain tissues to retain aluminum secondarily.
Many toxins in the food and water are causing toxins to build up in the body. The body has a special mechanism it uses to prevent toxins from being free to roam around the body. It wraps the toxin in fat.
We use fat to cover the toxins so they cannot hurt us. This is good to a point; it becomes bad when we have too much toxins and the body has to produce more fat and we gain a few pounds here and a couple more over there. Soon we are 20 pounds or more over weight.
It is very difficult to convince the body to discard the one thing it is using to protect itself. We need to detox the body and as a result the body will discard the extra fat as not being necessary. This will not happen overnight; you will need to eat correctly and exercise, along with the detox regime.
I use a water treatment system that alkalizes and micro-clusters the water. This allows the water to get into the cells much easier, and because it is alkaline instead of acid, it neutralizes the acids in the cells and the toxins are then flushed out of the cells and taken care of by the proper body organ. Check out our Water treatment system for more information on alkaline water.
Add onto this a moderate exercise program and eat healthy and you will be able to shed those unwanted pounds. I am not saying that alkaline water is a magic bullet in weight management; it is just one part of a healthy lifestyle. This entire book is about a healthy lifestyle.
For those that want to start living more healthy through their diets you may want to go to Google and type in “Healthy Diet” in the search term. There is a list of more than 15,000,000 sites that come up. I am sure that there is a site that you will find helpful. There are also many companies in the off-line world that helps people lose weight. You just need to start living your life more healthily.
I will touch on toxicity more in a later section.
Detox Regiment: A good detox regiment is to take a teaspoon of dried chaparral herb and soak it over night in one cup of room temperature water. In the morning drink the liquid and fill it back up with one cup of water for the next morning. After three days change the herb and do this three day cycle seven times over a 21 day period. This will cleanse the blood so the blood can cleanse the cells. You may also want to drink a 8 oz cup of water with ½ tablespoon of baking soda three times a day for
five days to help detox and neutralize the acids in your body. The American Medical Association (AMA) stated in an article about two years ago that bacteria and viruses can not live in a body that is in the proper PH range of 7.3 to 7.45. This quick remedy will also help with acid indigestion and acid reflux disease.
There are many foods that help build up toxic waste in our bodies. Most of these are preprocessed foods such as meats and American cheeses. Many of these foods have additives and excess amounts of salt that are not good for you. One of the cheese additives is aluminum.
Meats to avoid:
1. Beef with hormones and broad spectrum antibiotics
2. Bologna
3. Caged raised chicken with hormones and broad spectrum antibiotics
4. Salami
5. Most processed poultry products such as chicken and turkey rolls
6. Fried meats of any kind. (try baked or grilled - it is much better for you)
Any American cheeses with aluminum added.
Meats that are safe to eat:
1. Free range chickens without hormones or broad spectrum antibiotics
2. Grass fed free range beef
3. Grass fed free range buffalo
4. Free range turkey
Cheeses from Europe; aluminum is a banned substance in their cheese.

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