Do you feel stuck? Do you ever find yourself thinking, “I could do so much if I could just get started”?

Maybe you have some great ideas, but you just can’t seem to move ahead and put them into action. Perhaps you've taken action, but you found yourself losing momentum not long after you started… and now you're back at square one.

Perhaps you don’t even know what you want – you just have this nagging feeling that you need to be doing something, and you wish you could put your finger on what it is!

Well, it’s okay – because you really do know what you want, on a higher level. We all do. But sometimes we have to do a little bit of work to get things flowing. Once you apply the right action and start moving forward, you’ll be unstuck in no time!

Here's what happens. Whenever you feel stuck, it’s actually the universe – or your soul, higher self, Divine Source, God… whatever you choose to call it – giving you a bit of a nudge in the right direction. You are an expression of universal energy; if you feel stuck, it just means that you need to help the flow a bit.

How do you help the flow? It’s very simple. Take action, even if it’s just something small. Get things in motion. If you don’t know what to do, just sit down with a pen and paper and write down a few ideas. They don't even have to be "action ideas" at this stage. Just think about something you’d like to experience and write about that. Imagine yourself experiencing it right now in your present reality. Make it fun! All of this counts as action… and all of it helps to get the energy flowing.

Start by imagining what you’d like to experience, and write down a few ideas for things you’d like to do. Don’t force things, and don’t get upset if nothing comes to mind at first. Just relax and have fun with the process. Ask the universe for guidance – “How can I do this in the best possible way?” The key is to consistently do something, a little each day.

If you do this consistently, within a very short time you will find that more ideas begin to arrive. As you turn them over in your mind, notice how you feel. If you have an idea that really resonates with you – perhaps you feel thrilled or excited when you think about it, or a sense of joy flows through you – be sure to pay attention to it.

Write down ideas that resonate and expand on them. Be careful to avoid censoring yourself! Anything is possible, anything at all, and you need to be sure not to drop ideas just because you can’t see “how it could possibly happen.” The very fact that you are able to have an idea means that it is possible to achieve it. Remember Napoleon Hill's famous statement: "Whatever the mind of man can conceive and believe, it can achieve." Think back on your past experiences – I’m sure there have been times when solutions almost magically presented themselves to you!

At a certain point, you will begin to receive ideas for physical action - and it's important to act on them, if they resonate with you. Ideas are essential, but they mean nothing unless they are applied in some way! There is a misconception that the Law of Attraction magically drops things in your lap if you focus on them in the right way. This may happen on rare occasions, and it’s wonderful when it does, but for the most part some kind of physical action is required. You need to do something to help things flow to you.

This is not a bad thing – quite the opposite, in fact. By taking action, you put more and more energy out into the universe, which allows the universe to express more and more energy through you. It’s a continuous cycle, a continuous flow, and it feeds on itself. The more positive action you take, the more positive energy you create. The cycle repeats itself over and over, and you will find that you begin to create and manifest the things you want almost automatically. You will begin to “know” what to do next; instead of worrying or getting frustrated over being stuck, you will automatically move forward with inspiration.

If you look at the most successful people in the world, now and throughout history, a common trait is that they are always able to take consistent action and focus on forward motion. If you want to truly make a difference in your life and the lives of others, by living up to your highest potential and beyond, you need to do the same! And believe me - not only do you have the power to do this, it's in your true nature to do so.

So remember to relax and allow yourself to envision things without restriction. Take consistent action (forward motion) – no matter how small – and be happy in the present. Remember the snowball effect – getting things started sometimes takes some effort, but once they get rolling they grow on their own!

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Robin Bhattacharyya is an entrepreneur, writer, webmaster and musician based in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada. His new website,, is a great resource for anyone looking to improve their lives and the lives of others. CLA is updated and expanded regularly, and look for Robin's new e-book, "Your Passion Point", to be released soon!