There are many simple, yet powerful ways to unlocking the power to improve yourself. Before delving into these strategies, let us take a moment and imagine that we are standing in front of an immense painting. We could look at the work of Leonardo da Vinci, Michelangelo Buonarroti, Rene Magritte, Gustav Klimt, Vincent Van Gogh, Rembrandt Van Rijn, or even Pablo Picasso. When we are close to these pieces of art, we are able to see some of the strokes and ripples in detail. While we can have an appreciation for these details, as we back up and get a glance of the picture as a whole – it is then we can gain a new appreciation for it….If you look at your life in the same way, you can begin unlocking the power to improve yourself!

Many of us simply go through life, accepting it just as it is. We often focus on details in our life, yet disregard the “big picture”. If you look at your life as you would a painting, you would soon realize that the entire time that you are in existence; you are painting the picture of your life, the masterpiece of who you are. All of those details that you focus on consistently are actually quite important to your life’s art, but must work in conjunction with a large-scale picture. If you focus on painting one corner on the canvas that you are using to paint the picture of your life, you will never think outside of that corner. Therefore, your art piece will be incomplete, and the little bit that is completed will pose no significance, no relevance…you must take a step back, and consider the larger picture!

As we work to paint the picture of our lives, many obstacles may occur. It is not uncommon for a mistake to occur, for instance. If you are wanting to go through the process of unlocking the power to improve yourself, you will take this mistake and learn from it. Now, you know which way not to move the brush, or what color not to use in a particular area, maybe even that this change can result in a positive addition to your painting. If you want to improve yourself, you must see your mistakes as positive learning experiences that will benefit your overall self-growth. You must never consider your mistakes as “failures”. Remember, there are no such things as actual failures, there are simply more creative ways to achieve the success that you seek!

As we continue painting our masterpiece in life, we will come to points in which something does not seem right. The color may not be right, or a certain section of the painting seems to be unfitting. It will be very tempting to give up. I mean, we work so hard on these pieces of art, and when something does not go right, it just seems to be pointless, right? Wrong! Back up! Look again! Think of all the creative ways that you can resolve the issue that you are facing. Make the part you are unhappy with into something you are happy with! If you want to improve yourself, take what you do not like about yourself and then make it into something you are happy with!

Self-improvement is not as difficult as many would come to believe. It is a simple process. The challenge is convincing yourself to see things in a different perspective. Sometimes, you have to take the picture that you are painting of life, and move it to different lighting. In many cases, you may have to look at it from a different angle. Regardless of how you do it, or what you have to do, it is your perspective that must be altered in order to accomplish the task of improving yourself. If you can accomplish this, anything and everything is possible!

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