We are ready to start a new year, 2009, numerological this is an 11 or 2. Leaving 2008, which is a 10, new beginnings with experience. Many thought many new things would occur in that year, and for some it did. But, when we are faced with new beginnings it usually means we have to look at everything that is old and not working in your life first. Or what have we out grown and are needing to let go of.

This means we may all have been faced with the things in our life that needed to fall away. If we started new projects this wonderful, but they may have felt like they were in the pause mode. It was a time to create new ideas and get them ready to launch in 2009, which I will write more on for January. Many projects were created and we started the operation of them, and then there was PAUSE! It is okay; they will grow and move forward in the year to come.

With all of the fear based news and what seems to be a reality in this world of lack and money crashes, many have asked me how to stay positive? How do they still believe in manifesting their abundance when all around them seems to be saying “lack?”

I went into a meditation and asked my guides and angels to show me what others needed to know to assure them they still are creating their reality and that reality can be joy and abundance. The following is the information I was given.

No matter what ever happens on the earth and no matter what is taking place in our outer world, Universal Law never changes and it never changes that our angels/guides/higher self are with us and assisting us. One of the Universal Laws is law of attraction. So no matter what is occurring on the outer surface if you are working on yourself and you are creating abundance than this is what you will draw to yourself. When you ask your angels and guides for assistance they are always there to assist no matter what is happening in the rest of the world! Look at all the different area in your life where you are abundant. Abundant in friends, loving supporting people, and abundance in time for nature and to do things you love.

I was told it will matter by what you focus on. Do you choose to focus on the fear based news and getting the anxiety of what is to come? Or do you choose to focus on what you are manifesting and what you desire to manifest? A good way to stay out of the fear based illusions is to acknowledge what abundance you already now have. List them down if you need to and be grateful for them. An example would be; I am abundant with good friends and family, I am abundant in love and support, and I have abundance in the relationships I have abundance with my guides/angel/higher self.

Acknowledging your abundance you have already is important but then to also take the time to be grateful for them. You will see that you have already manifested these things in your life so there is no reason you will not continue to manifest abundance in other areas of your life.

During this time of what seems like stressful energies these things may help you:

1) Meditate every day no matter how short a time
2) Know, feel and talk to your angels and guides , they are always there and help
3) See all the good you have now in your life
4) Say a prayer of gratefulness for all you have
5) Don’t watch fear based news, instead listen to uplifting higher vibrational music

You may want to take a night and write all your goals for joy, peace and calm for 2009. Make it a little ritual of taking time to see what it is you truly want to focus on in the year to come. What new beginnings and new opportunities would you like to draw to you this coming year? You will be surprised at the end 2009 when you reflect back to this list just how many of those listed you have manifested.

Remember, you have earned your right to begin anew for 2009 and to let go that which is not of your highest good (could be old habits or programs) to end 2008. Be grateful for the abundance you have in your life NOW and know that there is always assistance when you need it. By universal law of attraction, you will find that manifesting abundance comes naturally.

Merry Christmas

Anne Angelheart

Author's Bio: 

Rev. Anne Angelheart is a well-known healer and workshop facilitator and has been working professionally for 22 years in her field.

Anne has worked with many different teachers in parapsychology, Shamanism, Ascension work and has added her own unique techniques of working with the public. Those teachers have included well-known psychic police officer, Judy Bell, and Sanya Ramon (Orin). She has studied under Rev William Wiltshire for 12 years on learning, walking and teaching Universal Law.

Anne has worked in the alternative healing for nineteen years and has been Vice President for GTF ~ Zenith for the past twelve years.

Anne has been in study of the spiritual and self-help since 1974. She has combined all she has learned and experienced, with knowledge and information she has channeled working with her higher self and her guides; and has developed her own unique way of teaching others to heal and open their hearts. Anne has done Soul Path readings, taught workshops, lectured, and assisted in business consulting for over 22 years. Anne has designed workshops for each individuals needs such as the University of Ohio and many other small businesses. Anne was the host of Accelerated Potential PBS show, which she had for 2 years. She is particularly known for her assistance in guiding those to transform their lives or the businesses. Anne is also known for her Goddess weekends, which assist women to empower themselves and her workshop in communication, which has benefited many in the careers and their relationships.

Anne Angelheart is the founder of Live In Spirit, a company whose mission is to awaken people to their life journey, live from their True heart, and create happiness in their life on an everyday basis.

Anne feels her best teachers have been her Higher Self, Earth School and her relations upon the Earth. Her experiences are what make her work unique.