Finding big men's clothes for the tall man can be a nightmare - everything is either way too big or far too short as you search for that perfect combination of length and fit. To learn how and where to find great clothes for the taller man, read on.

Go See a Tailor

If you're having a hard time finding a dress shirt that fits you properly through the torso and the sleeves, then you should consider having your shirts tailor-made. It's often common for tall men to purchase shirts that have long-sleeves and lots of length in the body, but then those same shirts are gaping through the chest and arms.

A tailored shirt can cost $175 per item, but they're also handmade, made perfectly to measure and will last for years.

If you want to order custom-made and tailored pants, you should expect to pay a lot more. Most tailors will charge between $200 and $600 for a pair of custom pants. That said, some will charge a significantly reduced rate for future pairs because they've already measured you and created the pattern.

Try the Tall Section at Eddie Bauer

Eddie Bauer is a popular store known for its casual wear and outdoor clothing. While most of their clothes aren't appropriate for the more formal workplace, they're perfect for zipping around town or hanging around the house. They also happen to make an extensive line of tall clothing.

So, instead of having to buy an XXX-large for the length when you're actually a large, you can simply purchase a large-tall or a large-long, giving you that extra bit of length you need in the legs. The clothes are not only durable and well-fitting, but they're also affordable.

The Rochester Big and Tall Men's Store

Rochester's is a well-known chain of stores that specializes in clothing for big and tall men. You can visit any of their store locations or shop right from their website. They offer tall sizes up to 5XT which provides lots of extra length and a 38/39 long sleeve (a godsend for men who are tired of always having to push up their shirt sleeves).

The popular store also carries a wide range of suits from brands like Calvin Klein, Ralph Lauren and Palm Beach.

L.L. Bean Catalog

The great thing about L.L. Bean's custom mail order products is that they don't just make big men's clothes, but they manufacture clothes designed just for taller men. You can customize a shirt to have up to a 36-inch sleeve length and many of the outerwear and jackets are available in longer sizes.

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