Remember that there are 3 ways to get out of a job you don't like.

1. Do it so badly that you get fired.

2. Do it so well that you get promoted.

3. Resign and find another job or go out and start your own business.

What we want to work on is the positive side of life and the best way to "flush that stinking job" is to flush the "stinking thinking" you have about the job.

Just realise that nothing in the world is either good or bad, it is merely our thinking that makes a thing good or bad. The reality of our lives is created by the attitude we have towards the circumstances and events of our lives. Now we cannot always control the circumstances and events but we can, and should, always control our attitude and reaction.

To change your perception about your job imagine what your life would be like without it. What does having this job allow you to do? What opportunities are available to you in this job?

How many people do you think would apply for your stinking job as soon as you leave it. What would you rather have, the stinking job or the stinking unemployment line?

I'll guarantee that there was a time that you were excited about this job, and if not excited then at least grateful or relieved that you had found someone willing to employ you and now you could at least pay the bills.

What changed? Did the job change or did you change? Realise that if you feel that your job is beneath you, you may well feel that you are above doing it well.

I have heard people say that "If they gave me a better job I'd do a better job" Wrong strategy, to get a better job you've got to do this one so well that you deserve a better job. Imagine being fired from a job that was "beneath" you. What will you tell the next prospective employer?

Take the time today to look at your job with different eyes. What do you like about your job? Think of all the things that you do, the people that you deal with, the things that you have learned, the people that you help. Imagine that you were bragging to someone, your children perhaps, about this job, what would you tell them?

The only way to get a better job is to do this job better and the only way to do this job better is to feel better about doing it. And no, it may not be what you really want but just realise that the biggest building has its foundation in the mud. Consider this the foundation of your future. Build a solid foundation that you can build a castle on by changing your focus from "Flushing that stinking job" to "Flushing that stinking thinking about the job"

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