Based on some of the feedback that I have received this is a very sensitive subject. In fact I have been told that I am heartless and that this is not motivating, however I am going to persevere with this subject as I believe that it is of great value.

The only way we can build this nation is on the foundation of work and I believe that we should build a strong foundation that will support all future generations. We should nurture a work ethic in ourselves and in our children and we should strenuously avoid all those who try to convince us that work is BAD or that those who create work are BAD.

The only reason that we are able to have what we have today is because our forefathers worked to create it. Who are we to do any less for our descendents.

The future is in your hands. What are you going to do with it?

How do you feel about your JOB?

I hear a lot of criticism of Employers. I hear a lot of deriding of the JOB.

I am sure that you have heard these comments and the many more like them:

Flush that stinking job - Fire your greedy boss - JOB means Just Over Broke - Exploitation of the workers.

The funny thing is that each of these and all the other similar statements, are made by people desperately trying to sell you something and they hope that by making you aware of just how miserable you are that you will join their organisation, or buy their plan. These people also promise you all sorts of wonderful benefits that they really cannot deliver on, but having convinced you of how unhappy you are they hope that you will jump at the illusion of a better life without effort on your part.

Now I realise that you may not be in your preferred job and that you would really like to be doing something else but right now you can't, so let's see how we can help you to make the best of this situation by reframing the statements and by realigning your thoughts.

First of all let me clarify something, you were forced to work here weren't you? I mean you had no choice in the matter, you didn't actually ASK (beg) for this job did you? Secondly, you are chained to your job aren't you, and you may not leave it? You have no freedom to resign and look for another job. This is it you are here for life.

Good, now that we've cleared that up let's get on with the process of realignment.

Realigning your thinking is very important. Realise that the way you do your job is affected by the way that you feel about your job, but you can control how you feel about the job by changing your perception of the value of doing it.

Let me give you an example. Have you ever had to carry groceries for a distance? I'm sure you have. Have you ever complained about having to carry those groceries? I'm sure you have. I certainly have. However I never complain about carrying groceries, or anything heavy for that matter, anymore. And no, it's not because I am so grateful that I can, it's that I have reframed the nature of the task.

I am developing a program for strength and fitness based on "My body is my Gym and I can exercise anywhere". So I now see carrying something heavy as an opportunity to exercise and build muscle. When I carry things I see how may ways there are to carry them and which muscles are involved. This way I have no time to complain, I'm having too much fun.

Your JOB is your opportunity to grow and for the rest of this week I am going to help you realign your thinking about the statements we mentioned. In the mean time see what you can do about realigning your thinking.

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