Pain usually creates un-wanted emotions like fear, resistance, upset, frustration, distraction, pity and stress due to the limitations we may experience to name just a few. Because pain forces us to put our attention on it, it can create even more pain and frustration.

You may have heard the phrase “energy flows where attention goes”. Anyone familiar with the Law of Attraction has probably heard this and knows it means that if we remain focused on the pain energy we risk attracting more of the same.
I believe that pain is our body’s way of getting our attention and when we learn how to communicate with it often we can work towards releasing the pain.

First begin when you are in a relaxed space, a walk in nature is ideal, and ask the pain to come outside of you so you can see its form. It may help to close your eyes, but a shape will come to you and when it does, pay attention to its size, shape, colour, texture and if its moving or still. Now ask if it has a message for you. Most times some thought will pop into your head, pay attention to the first one that does, as that is most likely the message. Often this message is very telling as it comes from within.

Spend some time reflecting on the message, if it is a painful message it may be necessary to release enough of those painful emotions to feel comfortable to continue. I like to use EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) or ZPoint for immediate and often permanent release.

EFT is a meridian based technique that involves tapping on a sequence of meridian points while holding a negative thought or emotion in your mind in order to release it. ZPoint is an intentional energy technique that can bring one down from an intense emotion to place of peace within minutes, often seconds. ZPoint consists of; a healing program directed at the subconscious mind, a cue word to activate the program and a presenting issue or unwanted emotion to clear.

Next, thank the pain for getting your attention and for trying to protect you (usually that is what any kind of dysfunction is all about – our subconscious is ultimately trying to protect us whether it makes sense or not). By sending love and appreciation you are letting go of all resistance to it. This is the key.

If the pain is not completely gone after doing the clearing, ask the pain if it is willing to transform and use the energy towards something positive, if you get a No, then ask what it needs in order to transform.

If it’s willing to transform then ask your higher self (the one that communicates with God) for guidance with this. Tune into your surroundings at this point because often profound things will be observed especially if you are outside in nature. I once saw a large beautiful moth flutter by me at eye level in November in Canada!

My message from a pain in my right foot, was to STOP and take time to appreciate life’s beauty and when I stopped in my tracks as I was walking to pay attention to what the pain was telling me I saw the beautiful moth. It was like Gods way of saying, “Way to go!” I turned around and sat down on a log, that just happened to be in a spot that I thought was particularly peaceful looking, (coincidence? I think not.) When I got up to go, the pain in my foot was barely noticeable. It still flares up at times to remind me again, but now I listen and I see it more as a good friend that reminds me to stop and appreciate the beauty in my life.

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Liz Lichti is a Certified Energy Coach & ZPoint practitioner. Please visit to find out how you can be empowered to:

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