The human body is mostly water. In fact, your body is composed of 80% water. It’s vital for life and serves us in a number of different ways. We drink water to maintain the optimum level of hydration in our bodies, to flush toxins out and cleanse the body, to cool off, to keep the joints working and to help in the digestion of food. The minimum daily requirement for water consumption is 2 liters, (or about 2 quarts). The body uses this much water every day through sweating, urination and other bodily functions. Without replenishing this lost water, your body would dehydrate and vital functions would begin to suffer. This is the reason why most nutrition professionals recommend that you drink 8 glasses each day.

Like many other bodily functions, the metabolism is dependent on water to work properly. Without enough water, the process of breaking down food converting it to energy will slow down dramatically. If you metabolism slows, you will gain weight rapidly. If your metabolism speeds up, you will lose weight.

Water also plays an important part in the process of digestion and the elimination of waste. Not drinking enough water is a one-way ticket to constipation and a host of other related problems. Poor digestion means that you will not get enough energy from the food you eat. This will lead the body to think that it is starving. And when this happens, you will stop losing weight and actually begin to gain weight.

Water is also a very filling. If you want to eat less food, drink a tall glass of water half an hour before every meal. The water will fill a large part of your stomach and the your appetite will be satisfied with less food. This is sound advice whose effectiveness is confirmed by many dietitians and weight loss experts.

Keep in mind that in order to reap the benefits of water, you need to spread your intake out evenly throughout the day. Don’t drink 2 liters of water all at once. It won’t work and in fact, could be bad for you. Also, you don’t need to restrict yourself to water. Fruit juices, weak tea and coffee can also be used by the body for hydration. Alcohol, though, is out of the question. Alcohol has the opposite effect on the body.

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