Type 2 diabetes can be reversed. Mentioned in Kevin Trudeau's books, Eleotin is the all natural diabetes remedy called, "The final cure for diabetes" by the Asian Diabetes Association.

Studied in Canada for more than 20 years and made available to the public in 1999 with a perfect safety record, Eleotin has helped more than 70,000 diabetics around the world.

Developed and studied at the University of Calgary, Eleotin works on a metabolic level using trusted herbs that have been used for ceturies in treating and curing many ailments.

Type 2 diabetes (diabetes mellitus), otherwise known as "insulin resistance" is normally caused by a breakdown of BETA CELLS. A lifetime of bad living habits cause this breakdown over the course of many years...bad diet, lack of exercise, stress, ect. BETA CELLS are vital to the normal functioning of your body. When impaired, they are unable to take in the foods you eat (sugar, carbohydrates) to use as fuel, therefore, sugars remain in the bloodstream resulting in high blood sugar.

Eleotin restores BETA CELL function and restores the basic health of the pancreas, creating healthy new cells, ultimately allowing the body to metabolize sugars on it's own again.

Author's Bio: 

Emily Saar is the owner and general manager of http://www.BetaTherapy.com .

After watching her mother pass away from complications of her type 2 diabetes (end stage renal disease) and having diabetes herself, Emily vowed to find a better answer to the harsh chemical drugs her and her mother had been taking. Investigating herbal and other natural remedies over a period of 10 years, she found that Canada had an herbal remedy available since 1999 called "Eleotin" that is scientifically proven to reverse type 2 diabetes. Investing time and money, she began the remedy and found her blood sugars lowered by more than 300 points in an 8-month period, naturally. No longer taking prescription drugs or being threatened with insulin shots, Emily is helping others learn about Eleotin, the controversy behind the diabetes epidemic and why the healthcare system wants to keep you sick.