The way to get the most value from a Turnaround Technique™ is to do it with some gusto. Give it a full-tilt whirl. You can analyze the heck out of it later. Now, you may feel silly, but that's okay. If I were in the room with you, I'd encourage you to go full out anyway. In fact, I'd go full out with you. I'm happy to act like a mega goofball if it will help you let go of a little funk. So, what is that thing that's bugging you? Go for your El Numero Uno stressor. Has work gobbled up your life? Are you caring for aging parents? Did your boyfriend just announce that a friend of yours is pregnant . . . with his baby? Whatever your stressor is: See it. Hear the words about it. Feel how lousy it makes you feel. Got it?

Once you have a specific picture in mind, assume the funky position. When you feel funky, you slouch and your shoulders slump. Tension makes your face look like a sour grape. You look like a wilted version of yourself. It works best when you're seated, so sit down, look down at your lap, and slip into funk mode.

Now think about that funky thing. Vent, baby, vent. Let your frustration out.

Repeat after me: Funky. Funky. Funky. Louder, I can't hear you. I have done this on TV with Oscar nominee Sally Kirkland. She gave a command performance. You can too! I want you to really let it out as you say: Funky. Funky. Funky.

Five more times just for good measure.

Now, stand up.

Raise your hands in the air and look at the ceiling. You'll look like the Y in YMCA. Say: Fabulous. Fabulous. Fabulous. Like you mean it. Come on, you have more juice in there. Fabulous. Fabulous. Fabulous. I want to see you get an Oscar yourself for your rendition of Fabulous. Go ahead. Put the book down and do it. Then come right back. . . .

How was it? Did you feel a shift? Do you feel more fabulous?

Bravo. I am proud of you. If you did that exercise with some gusto, you got to experience from your head to your tootsies that you have the ability to empower yourself. Isn't that cool? You have what it takes to go from funky to fabulous. To change the weather in your personal world. And it's available to you every second. You have always had this ability—you just may not have exercised it.

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Eli Davidson is a nationally recognized woman’s business expert who shares her ‘Turnaround Techniques’ in her new book, Funky to Fabulous. Come to
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