How many times have you heard yourself saying, ‘I’ve got to find something to do with all this stuff!’? Well, here is an economic and profitable solution to help you get motivated. Sell your unwanted belongings in online auction sites instead of throwing them away. You can make extra money while someone else finds new use for your old stuff.

You might be surprised at how many ‘hidden treasures’ are just lying around in those hall closets, toy boxes, attics and cellars of our homes. Did you know that old lamps, picture frames, jewelry and out-of-date toys and clothes are highly desirable items for many people? You could possibly have a small fortune that’s just waiting to be made!

Instead of packing everything into bags for plans to go out with this week’s trash, gather the family for an in-house treasure hunt. Have the kids go through their old toys that they are no longer interested in. Go through your own closets and see how many items of clothing are still hanging there that you insist ‘you will wear again one day’ or better yet ‘fit into again one day’. We have all been there. The piles and boxes of stuff in the garage or attic could be harboring some valuable objects. When you realize how many unused items in your home are still workable, wearable, etc., go ahead and turn that trash into treasure!

Selling your unused house wares, clothing items, etc. is a great way to bring in some extra money and who couldn’t use a little extra cash, especially these days? And it’s easy too. Log onto any on-line auction or selling site such as or eBay and simply fill out the electronic form, post a picture of your item and wait for the cash to roll in!

Reuse Before Refuse

Did you know that reusing a bag meant for just one use has a big impact on our environment? How about this... did you know that when one ton of plastic bags is reused or recycled, it is equal to eleven barrels of oil!

Here is an easy and convenient way you can assist in the recycling effort. The next time you go to the market, tell the clerk, “I don’t need any bags, thank you, I’ve brought my own.” Some markets will even credit your bill for using your own bags, and many have a barrel for recycling old bags if you have an over-abundance, or once they are no longer usable.

There are many items brought home from the market that can be reused once they are empty. An empty egg carton makes a perfect storage container for those small items like beads and buttons or nuts and bolts. One perfect use for an empty egg carton is a seed starter. Put soil into each empty egg compartment, place your seeds in the soil and start your own herb or vegetable garden. Once the seedlings are large enough, you can transfer them to individual pots or transplant them in your outdoor garden.

Another grocery item that could also bring you a little extra cash are empty plastic soda bottles, beer bottles and soda and beer cans. Several states give a five or ten cent refund for any returns of those types. If your state offers this service, do yourself and the environment a favor and take advantage of it. Those dimes and nickels add up quickly and come in handy on a ‘rainy day’ and you’ll be helping to save the environment.

So how bout it? Let’s all pitch in and do the simple things what we, as individuals can, to save our earth.

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