Turbo Jam is becoming more and more popular as people look for new and exciting workouts. Turbo Jam is designed so that you slim your body in all the right places while getting toned. Best of all, Turbo Jam is fun with the energetic music and the fun dance moves. If you find that you are wanting something just a little more challenging or you want to mix up your workout program, then try adding an exercise ball into your workout, as Chalene did in her program Get On The Ball.

It has been proven that adding weight in the form of an exercise ball can help rev up your body's metabolism even more than a normal workout with no weights. Also, adding the instability of working out on an exercise ball, makes your core muscles, which includes your abdominal muscles, work much harder to keep your balance. Using an exercise ball can take your workouts to a new level.

In Chalene Johnson's Get On The Ball, Chalene uses an exercise ball, which she calls a Turbo Ball, to get maximum results from the Turbo Jam workout. Just like other Turbo Jam workouts, Get On The Ball targets the abs and other core muscles. Although the workout is geared towards those areas, Chalene does not forget about slimming the whole body. The moves in Get On The Ball will have your muscles burning the next day.

The Get On The Ball workout program comes with two workout DVDs. One is called Total Body Blast, which targets your whole body with intervals of cardio and sculpting routines. The other workout is called Kickin Core. This workout specifically focuses on targeting all of the muscles of the stomach. Chalene Johnson designed both workouts to be fun, yet challenging. In both of the workouts, the regular Turbo Jam moves, such as zig zag, the wheel and plenty of kicks and punches are performed with the exercise ball to add that degree of difficulty to further push the muscles into a higher calorie burning mode.

The moves of Chalene Johnson's Get On The Ball are not complicated. She keeps things rather simple so that almost everybody can catch onto the moves right away. The best part about Get On The Ball is that just like Turbo Jam it is fun and exciting. There is fun dance music that the workout is choreographed too and Chalene, as usual, is energetic and keeps the workout fun as well.

Making your workouts more challenging can help you in plenty of ways. If you have reached a weight loss plateau, this can easily spark your metabolism and help you start losing weight again. If you have just grown in your physical fitness and need something more challenging to help you want to workout still, adding the exercise ball to your workout can achieve this. With Chalene Johnson's Get On The Ball, you are able to challenge your body, break through fitness barriers, and best of all, have fun.

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