We find ourselves dealing with a turbulent decade that’s often being compared with our less-than-shining Vietnam war era in many ways. The current war, the economy, inflation, unemployment, information overload and moral decay are working together to stress us out. We see record levels of dependence upon prescription drugs and other substances. Technology may have changed and improved our lives greatly, but it can never replace time as a problem fixer. Of course we’ll get through the turbulence again; we always do, as any good non relenting bunch of ambitious humans will.

The good news is, people are learning to be flexible and positive as never before. We’re more informed, educated and astute than ever! Technology has aided (and driven) this massive wave of personal growth, largely via the internet. Yes it contributes to the information overload mentioned above, but the internet also gives us instant access to virtually any type of information we can imagine, and more! When we wisely use it as a self-improvement tool, rather than a toy, we are setting ourselves up for ultimate success.

So hang in there and ride out the storm, everybody, time is marching on toward greener pastures exactly like it has been doing for humanity for eons. Which bus are you on? The Continuous Improvement Express, or the proverbial Accident on its Way to Happen? If the former, congratulations- if the latter, come on over -there are plenty of open seats! The third bus, Business As Usual, could provide a smooth ride if you’re content where you are. If you’re not, the driver will happily provide a free transfer ticket.

Author's Bio: 

…the author is a displaced aerospace engineer who, with his wife Elena, owns and operates the Sprudio; a self-growth oriented audio studio in Southern California.