My truth is real, and yours is real too; the first for me, the second for you
My reality is my truth, and your reality is yours.
My truth can change, as can yours.
Truth belongs to no one individual – each interprets It in his own fashion.

The truth is an experience, not a belief.
The truth is that which is now; it changes in every instant.
It can only be experienced in the “Now”.

Absolute Truth is beyond me, and It doesn’t change.
Truth is real; It is a Universal Source.
Accepting my truth can set me free.

There are different truths – layers, dimensions, and levels of truth.
I can usually only see my version of truth.

Every truth is connected to, and complements, all other truths.

Truth can be absolute -- or adaptable and variable.
It can be adapted from time to time, place to place, person to person, but adaptations and variations don’t change It.

Science, and the nature of Man, can make the truth of now the lie of later.
Things we believe to be lies can prove to be truths, and things we believe to be truths may prove to be lies.

Neither repetition -- nor authority -- creates truth.

Truth is the ever-present answer in the ‘Now’.
I can rejoice in its response to my needs.

Most truth is good for me -- but, like sunlight, too much can be not good.
Truth is here and now; infinite, eternal, and in-balance.

Once we hear a Truth, we won’t forget it.

Truth contains and manifests Love; It goes before me – preparing The Way.

Each element of Truth leads to another.

We need the courage to seek, find, and accept truth.
Our personal freedom depends on truth.

Truth often makes no sense to the brain.

When we find a truth, we change it to fit our perspective – and lose it.
Some truths may be hard to accept.
Truth isn’t always what we think it is,
It can be a threat to our personal beliefs.

The importance of truth cannot be overstated.

Learning our truth is just a beginning.
We must accept our truth, or live a lie.
Knowing our personal truths gifts us with the possibility of freedom. Understanding our truth brings us wisdom.

The misapplication or adaptation of a truth does not alter it.
The positive or negative use of truth doesn’t change it.
We can apply a truth in any way without altering its original meaning.

Every “good” has some “bad” associated with it.
A negative for one person can be a positive for another.

The truth is usually simple -- and it stays that way,
but a lie gets more complicated with each day.

The truth is often easy to learn, but It can be hard to understand or accept, and sometimes it may be very difficult to convey.

Author's Bio: 

The author found truth on a treatment center and feels the need to spread It.