The quest for the fountain of youth and the desire for vitality, robust health and ageless skin is a flame that burns bright in each of us once our youth begins to fade and we begin our inevitable journey into middle age. Staying young is an inescapable fact that is brought to our attention every time we pick up a magazine, watch a television commercial or go shopping. As medical science brings us the affordable miracle treatments for trimming the extra fat and minimizing the look of aged skin and correcting sun damage. We have all begun to pay closer attention to our bodies and look forward to our natural aging process with a brighter future and less dread of our mortality.

We are so lucky to have available to all us the best complex vitamins, also in the form of Antioxidants and nutritional supplements on the market today! We all are aware that eating right, exercising and including the right anti-aging supplements in our diet is an integral part to feeling good and giving our skin the important nutrients to look young, firm and ageless.
Important recommendations for Anti-aging Vitamins & Supplements:
Vitamin E repairs the skin and creates a smooth texture
Vitamin C aids in strengthening the skin and also in building collagen.
Vitamin K aids in diminishing unsightly spider veins, age spots, lines, blotchy-looking skin, and also discoloration of the face.
Vitamin D with a mix of Calcium and Magnesium gives a super one- two punch when it comes to aiding in strong bones and osteoporosis support
Selenium an important trace mineral found naturally in the body. Selenium can protect against the effects of free radicals that are produced during normal oxygen metabolism( breathing)

A word about Antioxidants and their effects on Aging

Antioxidants play a huge role in the prevention of aging and our overall health. Just a few years ago the average person could not tell you what an antioxidant was let alone what role it played in their health. Now antioxidants have become the buzz word for health, fitness and anti-aging. They are included in almost every product that we use and we are told to eat a "Rich in Antioxidant" diet, but do you really know what an antioxidant is and what’s so great about them?

In short, Antioxidants are found naturally in the food that we eat. They can also be taken orally through a Vitamin and supplement complex, or taken individually for certain reasons to achieve different health effects and results for different aliments.. Antioxidants are responsible for helping our bodies fight off the "Free Radical" damage caused to our bodies cells. The everyday use of antioxidant supplementation and following a healthy diet rich in antioxidant foods will drastically cut down on the breakdown of healthy cells that fall prey to free radicals. This may results in DNA damage to our skin caused by the everyday elements and more importantly, preventing cancer, heart disease and other debilitating diseases that are associated with the natural aging process such as Alzheimer's and Dementia

Very powerful Antioxidants:
Green Tea ( natural lose tea leaves or supplement)
Pomegranate (Juice or supplement)
Selenium ( Supplement, but best when included in your diet through natural food source)
Vitamin C ( fresh squeezed juice is best or supplement)
Grapeseed Extract ( promotes a firm toned texture to the skin)
Alpha-Lipoic Acid ( protects against free radical damage)
Acelyl-L- Carnitine ( supports brain function)
Spirulina ( natural powder form or supplement) Great when mixed into smoothies or juice
Green Algae ( found naturally in seaweed products and in supplement form)
Garlic ( natural, fresh garlic is most potent. Supplements are available for those of you that are offended by the pungent order of garlic)
*There are many other antioxidants that should be included in your diet, these are just a short list of some very powerful antioxidants that are known to fight heart disease, promote fast weight loss, keep away the flu and cold bug, naturally cleanse your colon and digestive tract and protect healthy brain and cognitive memory function.

Anti-aging Skin Care Products
There are countless claims out there that miracles can happen right out of a bottle! Well, not really, before you pay a few hundred dollars for an ounce of serum or exotic cream make sure you do your research. Some of the best anti-aging skin care products should be derive from natural ingredients and extracts. It may be wise to visit a specialty store to purchase these products and speak with a trained person who knows about the use of the product. Not everyone is looking for the same results. Our age and type of skin should be a determining factor to our product purchase. If you do not have the time to spend looking into Vitamins, antioxidants and skin care then perhaps a visit on line to a unique health site would work. is great place to shop. You will love all the name brand products along with full product advice. Everything suggested in this article can be found at Yes, there are some very excellent products out there that do in turn produce some very good results, almost amazing, but the most important thing to remember is that Aging is a very complicated chemical and mental process that goes on with our body and state of mind. So the same should be said when dealing with our approach to anti-aging. Our course of action is very important and should include some key aspects to go about it the right way. If you do not carefully incorporate all of these important steps, then the most expensive creams and treatments will never have the desired effect you are looking for.

Secrets to Ant-aging:
Start Young, your mid 20's is a good time to pay attention to a proper diet and exercise, sun exposure and use of Serious skin care products Hydrate yourself. Your skin is your largest organ, it is like a sponge and is made up of millions of cells that absorb water. When they are properly hydrated they are full and plump giving a health dewy glow to you face and body. Proper hydration is also essential to organ function
Vitamin & Antioxidant supplements are very important to maintaining your immune system and keeping strong and healthy. It is nearly impossible to get all the nutrients from food. We are not always able to eat right and get the proper amount of vitamins and minerals your body needs, use these as your safety net
Keep your sun exposure to the bare minimum. Always apply proper sun protection daily. Do not spend long periods out in the hot mid-day sun. Hat and UVB sunglasses are a must. Remember that the cold and the winter sun can also play havoc with your complexion. Wind burn is just as damaging as a sun burn.
Sleep is essential to your ant-aging plan.. It is during the sleep hours that our body truly rest and repairs itself. When you are sleep deprived your complexion will suffer and your mental state will not be as sharp. Loss of sleep can also lead to weight gain.
Proper Diet, you are what you eat! Concentrate on eating a well rounded diet. Try to cut out white sugars and starches, all fatty and fried food as well as watching your alcohol consumption. Keep your calories according to your height, weight and activity level, we tend to gain weight easily as we age due to a slower metabolism.
Exercise should be included in your daily routine. Take the time to do some kind of aerobic activity for at least 30 minutes per day Walking, dancing, yoga, bicycle riding. Try to do some form of weight or resistance training at least 3 times per week for 20 minutes. All very good recommendations for staying young and fit through out our years. Regular exercise is great for good muscle tone and keeping flexible it's great for your blood pressure level and your heart health.

Stress is a silent killer and it will age you faster than all of the above mentioned. Stress must be managed and held to the bare minimum. This is easier than you think. Here is a very simple rule of thumb:
Change the things that you can and accept the things that you cannot.
Mental health & attitude. Next to Stress this is the second most important thing on the list. Your age is only a number that means nothing. Think young, read, engage your mind. Keep a positive outlook on everything that you do. Plan for the future no matter how old you are... and remember our dreams don't retire!
Enjoy your life, Live, Laugh, Love.....These are the secrets to anti-aging.

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