Everybody has been taught to focus on closing. There are thousands of books written on the subject. Trying to close someone without getting to know who they are is a recipe for disaster. This scenario has affected so many sales people.

They have studied and applied all the techniques on closing a sale. They have been taught that if you are not closing then you are not selling. Guess what? This may be the reason you are not very successful at selling.

Closing is the last and final process of the sale.. ABC.. Always Be Closing.

Opening and gaining interest is the first and most important step in the selling process. Opening correctly is critical to your success in selling anything in life. If you can't begin correctly, how are you going to end correctly.

This is a very hilarious concept when you think about it.

When was the last time you met a complete stranger and asked them to marry you? Did you ask them if they were already married? You probably even started to tell them all the good qualities you have and how happy you could make them. Even worst, you can be selfish and tell them how happy they could make you.

Salespeople are always thinking of what they are going to get out of the sell. Now just imagine how uncomfortable you are making the other person feel. This is the same feeling you are causing prospects to feel when you are trying to shove all your features and benefits down their throats with out taking the time to know what they really want.

Selling is all about figuring out what the other person wants and delivering those wants. You need to start thinking how you are going to open the sales conversation. Which is the main step to get you closer to closing successfully.

You have to start before you can finish. You need to crawl before you can walk. You have to walk before you can run.

Focus on opening and gaining interest first is the correct process when selling and if you jump ahead you will fail. This is the same process you should follow for when selling your idea or product. You must have a successful opening or there will not be a successful closing. You may get the door closed in your face or you may never get the door to open with a poor opening attempt.

Your objective is not to stumble out of the blocks with a sub-par opening. A race horse must have a great start in order to win the race. Athletic runners are always trained to focus on their starts. They must be secured in their blocks and focus on a positive outcome.

It is so important for an athlete to get a great start in a sprint. If a runner just focused on crossing the finish line he would reach a non desirable result. The athlete would also need to work a lot harder just to make up for a bad start.

Sometimes in business you only get one chance and a bad opening can ruin your chances. The fear of rejection starts at the beginning and not at the end. You can never close anyone if you are to afraid to pick up the phone or approach them. Opening not closing is the way to win in the sales game.

Reverse the way you approach selling and you will make more money and build lasting relationships PERIOD.

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Paul Gage has been selling successfully since he was a child. He has studied and applied the art of persuasion. Paul Gage has developed a company based on those same principles. Boost Sales and Marketing is a fantastic company which helps anyone with a great product realize their dreams by seeing their product on a major retailers shelf. Visit Boostmyproduct.com if your product needs a boost.