Halloween has changed dramatically since I was a little girl. Then, Halloween was asking Mom for an old sheet or raiding her fabric stash and then fashioning my own costume with lots of imagination. Then I got to visit a few of the neighbors (most of whom were relatives) for treats and that was pretty much it. Fun, but not the production that Halloween has become these days.

Now, stores have two or three aisles of costumes, another two or three of various candies, and yet another two or three of decorations and even orange lights. Grocery stores have huge piles of pumpkins to be carved. There are Halloween parties for kids and adults alike. Adults have theme parties and dinners.

With more Halloween “stuff” and activities comes scheduling, time management and storage issues. Here are some tricks for making your Halloween preparations a treat:

• Decorating. Early in the month is the time to take out your autumn decorations and decorate your house.

• Start planning what your children will need of Halloween costumes. The earlier you shop for costumes, the better the selection.

• Candy and treats are displayed and on sale now for Halloween. Go ahead and stock up.

• Choose a pumpkin for dual purposes. Carving a pumpkin has become a fun family tradition. Start a new Halloween tradition and use the meat of the pumpkin and bake a pumpkin pie as a family project.

• RSVP for any parties for you and/or your children now. Note the commitments on your calendar so as not to over schedule.

• Remember the key to being organized for Halloween: Take down your decorations promptly, store them in a container in long term storage. Label the storage container for easy retrieval next year.

• Shop for new Halloween decorations the next day or two after Halloween, when prices are slashed. Think about where you are going to store decorations before shopping. Purge old decorations. Store and label the new decorations right away.

Have a safe and fun Halloween!

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Beryl Westby is an organizing consultant and the name of her business is No More Chaos You can get a free Idea-Kit, filled with tips and ideas on organizing, a free newsletter and tips, articles and ideas to create order out of chaos by visiting her website at www.nomorechaos.biz.