Trees are one of the largest landmarks on our Earth about the information highway that humanity is a part of. Our brain, spinal cord, lungs, veins and arteries all show a similar construct that actually exists in all parts of our anatomy like branches growing outward and touching one another. Blood flowing through our veins is not unlike the water being absorbed by the roots of trees and flowers that are nourished by the liquid and the sun. Toxicity in the blood caused by a mind that is not trained to of set the effects of environmental and food chemicals is not dissimilar to the effects of polluted water being taken up by trees.

Fixation on chemicals poisoning an observer will create that state and possibly allergies. Such a mind will more likely attack environmental issues with angry protestations or hide hidden reservations about pouters in a similar manner that the observers immune system is attacking itself. Fears about the safety of an observers life related to stress or being in a toxic world does not create a healthy information system in the observer or in nature. So a polluted feed back loop of consciousness results where there is a gap between conservation, health and activism that if engaged with deep seated fear will unlikely succeed because it may create more fear in other observers who did not care about the Earth or health enough.

Quantum Mind Management taught in Blue Matrix Energetics, arms the observer with knowledge about the balance between the observers mind and the ability to process challenges without accumulated stress results. Detoxification of body occurs as a result of detoxified mind which may find the solutions to detoxifying the earth more effectively with less conflict.

Any substance that is legal, of course whether food of a glass of wine may be consumed mindfully with the knowingness that it does not harm (including medication possibly lessening side effects) if the observers mind is peaceful and joyous in gratitude for the consumables being present. Trees do not question the water they drink and are likely less toxified by it even if slightly polluted than an observer fearfully eating a slice of chocolate cake.

A clean information highway between an observer and our natural world is filled with joy at being alive and that naturally creates a love of our natural world which gives energy during a walk in the forest and receives energy back from us through both peaceful, loving observance of it and practical care.

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