The road to self mastery can be challenging. The path to wisdom is littered with failed attempts, frustration before the new insights and snippets of enlightenment take hold.There are compelling reasons though why you should make the effort.

Just like anything in life personal development and mastery of the self requires persistence, discipline and the willingness at times to deal with stuff which is not on your Christmas wish list.

If you stick with it the pay offs are better mind control, the ability to step back and evaluate your life, your ambitions and the rest of the world with calm non attachment. Those of you who are into Zen will testify to the invaluable benefits of non attachment to events.

So we have the tools, but times are tough. Your best intentions are challenged and the build up to Christmas highlights all that personal stuff that is not going so well. And then there is the economy and the pervasive doom and gloom around us.

It is always the same old story. We get caught up in the collective consciousness and lose our own independence in the process without even realising it. Before you know it your thoughts have become part of the collective. Your mind is controlled not by you but by other people and your own identity has vanished just like snow melting in the sun. This is hardly the idea of oneness as proclaimed in Buddhist teachings and other wisdom traditions.

Personal development actually is not as so often proclaimed by the pop gurus, as I call them, about finding eternal bliss and living happily ever after. Personal growth is about expanding your awareness and working consciously on your evolution. It is about developing choices in your life. These choices will help you cope better with the many trials and tribulations of life and thus build your self esteem, confidence and make you happier and healthier.

Those of you who are very aware will know that we are facing some unprecedented challenges which have not as yet come to the awareness of the general public. It is important though to understand what we are facing in our society today and why working on yourself is imperative today if you want to lead a life of reasonable prosperity and be happy.

Let us take a world centric view for a moment. We have to, because what is happening around us is already and will affect all of us. The question is whether we are going to face the challenges upon us with open eyes and the mental ability to fend off the indoctrinations of the world rulers and whether we develop the stamina and foresight to see what is out there and defend our core desires and core human rights against this barrage.

We are presently seeing extremes of two very different worlds. The old paradigm thinking of orthodox methods in religion, medicine and philosophy versus new paradigm thinking and the latest findings in quantum physics which will alter the way we will think and deal with our lives.

A growing number of people is becoming more aware of the nature of evolution and our true selves as part of this universe. This group understands, or at least has a sense that we are all interconnected and not separate beings.

When you start looking deeper, a very different picture unfolds and herein is the real danger. The people ruling our world are using highly sophisticated tools like the HAARP project, for instance to instil fear and unrest. They have developed mind control techniques which can influence vast numbers of people by sending frequencies through the ether that engender anxiety stress, fear and aggression almost instantly. Please check you tube under HAARP and educate yourself.
The methods which are employed are mind control tools that will rob you literally of the freedom to act, unless you learn to increase your cognitive awareness, develop mental balance, improve your health and energy levels to make you resilient to the dangerous undermining of your mental faculties that you are exposed to.

If you value your freedom this alone is reason enough to take personal development techniques serious. Because the many mental awareness techniques will strengthen your mind and build you cognitive awareness so that you are better able to withstand the negative pressures from your outside world. Be these pressures economic, relationship or health related.

Fortunately, you are neither powerless, nor helpless. You can influence your future. You can do it independently from what goes on in the world. All it takes is a little time each day to work on a little programme to raise your mental and physical energies. How exactly can you go this? Start with your environment. Learn about the dangers of geopathic stress and electro magnetic radiation caused by mobile phones, wi-fi and telecommunication systems and other electronic devices and how you can protect yourself.

It is not in the interest of voda phone or Dell to tell you how computers and mobiles are adversely affecting your health, believe me. But the evidence is there.Learn as much as we can about the workings of the universe and how we create our realities. Neither your reality, nor your future are fixed, both are simply representations of past thinking and acting.

Learn about energy psychology and use energy therapies, like EFT and Micro EFT to clear out old fears and phobias. Everyone has it in them to transform their lives. Start making this transformation today and invest in your personal transformation and growth, because the clock is ticking.

Author's Bio: 

Mercedes Oestermann van Essen is a human development coach and energy therapist. She has created the Happy Venn Diagram for environment, body and mind and teaches integral life principles in her books, audios, workshops and retreats. Please visit