Live according to your purpose, and you’ll discover a natural passion for life; and within that, you’ll feel a great deal of personal power. If you want to feel totally empowered, learn who you are and be 100% of you 100% of the time!

You may need to do some soul-searching and uncovering in order to discover your true self and determine your bigger connection in life. All this requires is a willingness to become more aware, to heal and/or regain yourself, and claim your greatness.

You must decide whether or not you want to be empowered by making choices and changes according to your vision and purpose, or if you just want to take chances and go blindly into life hoping you might run into something that makes you feel complete. Choice or chance...which do you choose?

Signs of Soul Print Neglect

I've written previously if you never fill your donut hole, it’ll leave you with a hole in your soul. This will ultimately result in some degree of dysfunction or pathology, accompanied by the three primary dysfunctions of depression, aggression, and addictive behavior. Once any part of this nasty triad arrives it’ll bring with it a denial system which will blind you from seeing the severity of the dysfunction.

This denial system will rationalize, intellectualize, minimize, blame, and create distractions – as well as manifesting a myriad of other dynamics – all to have you not see what’s really happening. Addictive behaviors can be especially challenging to see because they’re often subtle at first, then hidden behind the walls of denial.

Addictive energy goes far beyond just drugs and alcohol and can hide itself in relationships, substances or activities, and through your ego and emotions.

Some addictive behaviors, such as excessive spending, gambling, over-eating and unhealthy relationships, are easily camouflaged because they’re actually socially encouraged.

What ultimately happens, however, is instead of you expressing yourself through your thoughts and actions, the addictive energy slowly takes over and begins to express itself through your thoughts and actions.

There is an Old Persian Proverb...

Man takes drink; drink takes drink, drink takes man.

I believe this summarizes how this addictive process occurs. Addiction, simply stated, is the anti-spirit or soullessness.

When you’re able to feel a connection to the Divine and your Soul Print, know and live your life purpose, you then have the ability to fully express yourself rather than the addictive behaviors.

You have a choice of either choosing meditation or medication.

The latter, of course, can be either doctor prescribed, self-prescribed, or through any behavior that is engaged in for the primary purpose of suppressing emotions. Meditation on the other hand is one of many healing foods for your soul.

Which do you choose?

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