Training needs at work are overlooked believe almost 50% of employees and 33% would like to use the extra day in the leap year for training, according to a recent survey.

The Learning and Skills Council (LSC) questioned over 1,000 employees to ask what they would most like to use the extra working day for, with training coming top.

A Way To Get A Pay Rise…
LSC's previous survey has shown that employees can increase their salary by $4,000 to $6,000 per year by getting the right training.

Employers overlook training because:
1. Everyone is too busy and can’t find the time for Training and Development
2. During hard times the Training and Development budget is slashed

So what’s the alternative?
To develop and enhance your skills you have to take accountability and put the effort in yourself. The days have long gone, whereby employers provide Training and Development on a plate. You are much more alone these days.
So what can you do?

1. On the job. Learn new things as you actually carry out the job.

2. Get yourself a mentor.

3. Visit your local library

4. Find free resources on the web

5. Invest in yourself with self-help material

I do all five because I believe there is a direct connection between how much you learn and how much you earn.

Successful individuals are constantly learning, hungry for more knowledge to better themselves and attract more money.

I have a great mentor who helps, advises and directs me so I stay on track to meet my goals and dreams.

I go to the library every month to see what new self-development books there are. I love reading.
Also check out the big sellers on Amazon and then see if you can buy the book cheaper on eBay.

I sign up to over 50 self-development type blogs and receive articles covering the latest ideas, etc every day. I comment and share by advice of those I wish to and share the best ones with my client list.

I purchase self-development material and books, all the time.
What is your view?

Does the company you work for provide all your development needs?
For those that do not, what tips, ideas do you have?

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Andrew Rondeau transformed himself from a $4 an-hour petrol-pump attendant to a highly successful Senior Manager earning $500k every year.

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