Today there is a rapidly growing renewal of interest in the
labyrinth. Countless numbers worldwide are discovering its many gifts, as more and more individuals are including this sacred tool in their own spiritual practice. Though it's origins are rooted in the very distant past, it, none the less, has much to offer us - and teach us - in these challenging days of the 21st
century. Though virtually unknown by most just a few years ago, it is becoming a well-recognized and deeply respected spiritual tool. It's benefits are many, and can have a significant impact on most anyone willing to approach it with an open mind and a
willing heart.

One of the many advantages of the labyrinth is that it is a comfortable fit for most any spiritual tradition that one may be following. Its gifts are freely available to anyone willing to give the labyrinth a sincere try. You need not conform to or compromise any particular belief. The "voice" of the labyrinth is quite multi-lingual; it will speak to you in your own spiritual language. And with roots that grew both from within and outside of the fertile grounds of the established church, no one need feel uncomfortable with introducing the labyrinth into their own spiritual practice. Again, let me make this very clear; the labyrinth is universal. It can be used by everyone, regardless of their religious beliefs, traditions or background.

It is also helpful to know what a labyrinth isn't. It should never be considered a maze, which is meant to challenge and confuse the user. By contrast, a labyrinth has but a single
path. You simply progress to the center at your own pace, remain there as long as you wish, and return via the same path to the entrance/exit. There is no "wrong" way to travel the labyrinth. This time spent within this sacred space is yours to
experience in ways uniquely your own.

FInger labyrinths are another wonderful way to experience this amazing tool. Far from being a substitute for a walking labyrinth, they offer gifts and benefits as effectve and as valid as those found along the walking labyrinth's path. Again,
let me encourage you to immediately release any preconceived ideas that you may harbor that dismisses the finger labyrinth as a mere substitute for the "real thing". Not only is this an unfair generalization, it is also historically inaccurate. Tracing the labyrinth offers just as many gifts as does walking it - some the same, others different - but all valid, fulfilling and significant. In addition, it offers a number of added advantages and possibilities.

Due to the portability and accessibility of these smaller labyrinths, we are suddenly faced with many options for using them effectively and creatively. Finger labyrinths also offer the important gift of accessibility: they are ready for use 24 hours a day, regardless of distance, location, weather or, to a great degree, health/mobility issues. They offer the gift of
privacy, as well; one can walk in perfect solitude if one so
chooses. What's more, as the finger labyrinth is more likely to be your own, as opposed to a larger walking version that you visit to experience, this opens the door to adding creative
touches that make your labyrinth truly and uniquely yours.

Approaching the finger labyrinth with an expentant spirit and an open heart can lead you into amazing experiences. As you become more aware of the inherent strengths and advantages of these portable sanctuaries, you may find yourself embarking on a journey that simultaneously anchors your body and allows your spirit - and your spiritual life - to soar.

It is my deep desire that you will be inspired to begin your
own relationship with this profound and deeply rewarding spiritual tool. At the very least, the labyrinth will gift you with a sense of true inner calm. However, you may very well find your spirit embarking on a significant inner joruney into peace, into understanding, into the Mystery.

The labyrinth is a tool of transformation, a pilgrimmage of the soul. May your pathway be blessed.

Author's Bio: 

Joy Johnson Thomason is a composer and writer, specializing in
the area of music and healing. She has included the finger labyrinth in her spiritual practice for years, and her family's
company, Love, Joy & Peace Creations, includes a number of
finger labyrinth products in their line of handmade creations.
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