Totuyichi means “way of receiving”. It is based upon symbols that were spiritually channelled and then transformed into an earthly physical form. These symbols act as magnets to channel the energies from their original source to us. We soak up these energies through our human senses which need to be activated at the time of this channelling/receiving.

Each symbol has its own specific purpose and powerful energies that we cannot yet understand. It is believed that they come from the fifth dimension but this cannot be proved.

Our mind uses the energised symbol as a channelling instrument to draw the loving, supportive energy to us through two activated physical senses. These alive senses act as a tunnel through which the ethereal energies travel. In other words, the Totuyichi symbol is the key and your senses activate (turn) the key to unlock the connective energy. Each symbol has a different energy and requires the matching of certain earth frequencies or vibrations for successful channelling.

Sound and smell are the two earth/human senses that are essential with Totuyichi, as well as specific colours. These physical things have different frequencies or vibrations and must be involved whilst concentrating on the symbol and your goal, in order to create a true ‘portal’, or energy flow.

Totuyichi was channeled by an Australian lady, who was given the spiritual name of Leile by one of the world’s great religious leaders in the early ‘80’s. It was not long ago that she started channelling Totuyichi. Beyond a doubt it was the most powerful occurrence she had experienced in her 30 year spiritual quest and she knows it needs to be shared with all who are willing to embrace it.

There are so many things we, in this physical existence, are unable to understand. We readily accept that waves of energy can travel from earth up to space and back again into a small box that brings moving pictures to us. We believe this because we see the end result. We know there are light and sound frequencies and can experience some of these in various ways. Spiritual energies are less believable because a concrete and instant result is not able to be interpreted by our human senses.

Totuyichi speaks to the individual to help develop his/her existence here by means of unseen energies that have been tuned into. It is all about YOU learning how you can tune into and channel the loving, healing energies of another plane and transform your life. Using the Totuyichi symbol as the key and your own senses to turn the key, you can thus create a frequency that unlocks the lines of communication. How or why this actually works is yet another phenomenon that the human cannot explain.

Author's Bio: 

Known simply as Leile, this Australian lady was given spiritual insight (shakti) over 20 years ago by one of the world's great religious leader. She leads a reclusive life in a forest area and has had to come forth with the Totuyichi channellings because they are for all. These channellings took place over several years and the information is now available for everyone.