Whether you are looking for success in business, relationships, family life, personal life or health, one major component is your level of wellness. Many people do not seem to realise there is a big difference between 'not being sick' and being 'truely well'.
To put this into perspective if you are 'not sick' this means you are currently not ill, however, if you experience a stressful situation, a hard work week, family stress, eat poorly for 1 week while on holiday or anything else in life which taxes the system you are likely to fall ill quite easily. How many people take a holiday only to spend the whole time with the flu?

Wellness, on the other hand, means the body is experiencing peak health and fitness. This is not only the total absence of illness but the ability to handle stressful situations as they arise, without becoming ill.

Wellness, should be your ultimate life's goal. By keeping yourself 'well' you can focus on other areas of life without letting sickness or health concerns distract you. It also means having the energy to complete a strenuous work day, an adventure holiday, chasing after children or playing your favourite sport. With true wellness, you have set yourself up to achieve true success.

When we talk about successful people, what do we mean by that term? Does it just mean those who are rich? Personally, I wouldn't consider someone successful it they were rich, but lonely and dying of heart disease. Conversely, if someone were healthy but broke, we wouldn't consider them to be successful. However, because they have good health they can choose to focus on improving their financial or relationship situation. Consider how much energy you have to put into improving a relationship if you are tired all the time.

Wellness is the true cornerstone of success. The old saying 'without your health you have nothing', couldn't be more true.
As a Naturopath, I find the most common factors missing in most people's quest to achieve wellness are the enormous burden parasites have on our system and what to do about them and the chemicals we use daily on our skin in the form of toxic soaps, shampoo's, skin creams and make-up. These mis-understood chemicals are legally used in these products but slowly lower our immune system, our mineral balance and hormone balance. In short, they are slowly killing us.

I researched these topics heavily when I was diagnosed with cancer at age 32. I did not want to have any of the medical treatments offered for cancer and chose to heal myself naturally. This goal I accomplished within 9 weeks and haven't looked back. I learnt alot in that time about the common cause of illness which I have shared with many thousands of people since.
My recent book detailing my journey through cancer to wellness is a must-read for anyone looking to find wellness in their own life. 'Finding Wellness' could be your key to achieving health and success.

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Author's Bio: 

Hayley Wallace is the Author of 'Finding Wellness - You're guide to Overcoming Illness'. As a Naturopath, Health Educator and Speaker, Hayley is passionate about educating the public on health topics that are often overlooked in today's society. Hayley has lectured to Naturopathic College students and educated thousands of people on how to improve their lives through better health. Hayley no longer practices in a clinical setting since finding a way to reach a greater number of people through seminars. If you would like Hayley to speak to your organisation or if you would like to contact Hayley regarding personal health information , email info@successandhealth.com.au