What is PMS? For thousands of years women have cherished the moment when they bled. Girls looked forward to that passageway between childhood and womanhood. Our ancestors gathered in red tents and cared for each other during this magical period, we were held precious, for we owned the magic of childbirth, before anyone even realized that the men had something to do with it!

Then one day... it was declared an impediment, a syndrome, a time to fix, hide, be ashamed of, a bother, and women fell asleep and denied themselves the time, and compassion to explore this magical Passageway to Mystical Self-realization.

Each month we are given a chance to explore a heightened period of intuition, sensitivity, and psychic powers. What makes us irritable, and emotional might simply be the realization that a doorway has been opened: we no longer can take some of our relationships as way they are; we can no longer take our life as is; we are shown our destiny, and the blues come from the fear that we cannot, or will not open that door and go through it.

When I work with my pregnant mothers I talk a lot about pain. Labor pain, the pain that is expected, the pain we want to numb with today's drugs, so that we will not feel the experience of birthing. Pain, is a psychological construct. Pain and fear are very closely associated. Fear of the unknown; fear that it will not stop; fear that it will get even more painful; fear that we are not good enough; fear that you will not have children "in time"; fear that you are not lovable; fear that you will die...so many fears are imbedded into pain.

In today's society, childbirth, menstrual waves, menopause, have all been associated with pain and discomfort. We have told our daughters to expect pain. Some of us don't even discuss our changes with our own daughters, for we are ashamed of our cycles. Why should we talk about menopause to our teenagers? Why should we burden them with the terrible destiny to come? We take our girls to the doctor to get birth control pills, so that their menstrual cramps subside, once again denying them their empowerment as women.



Ok do I sound like a lunatic to you? Yes, the Moon does influence me a great deal, and I take pride in it!

I use hypnotherapy to help my clients get in touch with the "woman within" the feminine that resides deep in our soul, and find out what "her" needs are during the cycle.

A commitment to one-self, to our own self-discovery can help a great deal. After all, we have all the knowledge we need written in our DNA. "Woman-within" might be trying to get our attention by intensifying this period. She needs to communicate with us and she will go to every extent to reach us. Ignoring her, medicating her, denying her, becoming angry and annoyed at her, will not help. Try talking to her, through hypnotherapy, meditation, prayer, silence, and self-care and uncover, discover, and rebirth a new relationship within your self.

Author's Bio: 

Giuditta Tornetta is a Hypnotherapist and an NLP practitioner. She has authored several self-hypnosis CDs including “The Ideal You – A weight management program,”“Unleash The Writer Within,” and “Doorway Through Menopause.” She is a public speaker and the author of the upcoming book: Joy In Birthing: Daily Inspirations for a Natural and Painless Childbirth. She has a private practice in Los Angeles and can be reached through her website at http://www.JoyInBirthing.com or call 310-435-6054