Would you like to utilize an ancient secret to solve prblems and obtain more peace in your life? This is a simple but almost magical method for manifesting your heart desires. You've probably already used it and are quite familiar with it, but at times you forget how powerful,effective and easy it is.

Just what is this magical, mystical process?

The power of affirmation and subliminal suggestions.

Most of us have been programmed to believe that getting what we want involves struggle and effort. That's not longer necessary. If we focus our intentions, and turn on the secret switch in our subconscious, we will obtain our heart's desires effortlessly.

You can take complete charge of your birthing experience, obtain unprecedented levels of energy, feel amazing when you wake up in the morning, and be prepared for a painless childbirth, all you have to do is create the perfect vision of your birth and run it through your mind each and every night, just before you go to sleep.

Athletes do it all the time, they run in their mind the perfect jump, the perfect catch, the perfect lap. Then at the time of the challenge their unconscious, that has familiarized it self with the process, leads them to success. You can do the same. You can either purchase a self-hypnosis CD for this purpose, or I write and record your own desires and vision on a tape and listen to it each and every day, as many times as possible till the birth. The results are amazing.

In these times of fast-paced living, it is good to stop and quiet our minds and let our heart guide us. Pregnancy is a rite of passage for all women. Trusting the body to birth naturally is a long step toward a safe, rewarding life for both mother and child. Birth is a natural process, not just a medical event. Faith that the power of nature will fulfill its purpose in the life-creating miracle is worth a dozen childbirth classes.

In order to achieve our goals, we need to empower ourselves and be ready to change some aspects of who we are to make room for another expression of the Supreme Being, our individual notion of a power greater than ourselves. The creation and birth of a human life is a high sacrament and should be embraced as such. When a new life is created, the whole Universe must shift to make room. Another expression of “God” has manifested itself, and this life has the potential of becoming a world leader, a teacher, and a saint. In modern life the concepts that conscious creation and joyful birth are sacred rituals have been forgotten, but we can remember and embrace the miraculous.

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