A traditional jogging stroller will have a fixed front wheel. When using the term fixed front wheel it means that the wheel does not swivel or turn. Because of the fixed front wheel when you want to turn the stroller you tilt the stroller back onto its rear wheels to make the turn.

The fixed front wheel is ideal for jogging, because it provides the stability and straight tracking that you need.

Many parents that like to jog with their child want more flexibility from their baby jogging stroller. They want their stroller to be used both for jogging but also for other uses such as using the stroller at the mall. The fixed wheel is great for jogging but it becomes a nuisance when out shopping because the stroller has to be tilted back onto its rear wheels to make a turn.

Some stroller manufacturers such as Dreamer Design Strollers recognized that many people want a jogging stroller that can be used for jogging and also more general everyday uses as well. To meet this need Dreamer Design has created a "hybrid" jogging stroller with a swivelling front wheel. The hybrid strollers has a smaller 12 inch front wheel that can be locked in place for jogging purposes and can be a swivel wheel for everyday shopping purposes.

Here are the advantages of the Dreamer Design Manhattan Lite Baby Jogging Stroller with swivel front wheel…

  • Easy to jog with on smooth terrain
  • More flexibility for shopping and running errands since its swivel wheel allows much easier turning than a traditional jogging stroller.
  • Lightweight – only 24.5 pounds
  • Durable – welded aluminium frame provides durability. The stroller frame is so durable that it comes with a 5 year warranty.
  • Smooth ride – the large 16 inch back wheels provide for a smooth baby ride. All the tires are air filled which also improves the smoothness of the ride. The stroller comes with its own hand pump.
  • Wheel construction – the stroller has alloy wheels and steel hubs to provide durability and reduce the weight of the stroller
  • Safe - Safety is the most important aspect whenever it comes to your baby. The Dreamer Design Manhattan Lite has a five-point harness. A five-point harness will keep your child secure in the stroller when out for a walk or a jog. The seat harness is easy to use. With this stroller just place the baby in the seat, and snap the belt buckle. Then all that’s left to do is pull one strap located at the front center of the seat until it’s tight and you are ready to go.
  • Comfortable seating - When out for your run or walk you want your baby to be as comfortable as possible. The seat on the Dreamer Design Manhattan Lite is padded and is made of a lightweight, breathable fabric which improves the comfort of your baby, especially during warmer weather. The Dreamer Design Manhattan Lite reclines so that baby can have a nap.
  • Cleaning - The Dreamer Design Manhattan Lite has washable seats that can be easily removed cleaned and dried in a washing machine and dryer.
  • Sun Protection - We think one of the most important aspects of any baby stroller whether it is a jogging stroller or a traditional baby stroller is having a sun canopy that has the flexibility to provide shade to your baby no matter what the angle of the sun. Direct sunshine into the baby’s face not only will in all likelihood cause the baby to be very uncomfortable and unhappy – but we are all becoming more and more conscious of the negative impact of the sun’s rays. Dreamer Design Manhattan Lite has a full tilting sun canopy that can shade the rider from almost any angle.
  • Brakes - Brakes are an essential safety feature on any jogging stroller. The Dreamer Design Manhattan Lite has a foot brake for securing the stroller when not moving.
  • Easy to fold - Many people who own or are looking to own a jogging stroller are looking for a stroller that can be easily folded for easy storage. A good jogging stroller should have a one step process for folding down to a compact size for storage or placing into a car trunk. The Dreamer Design Manhattan Lite is easily folded by one person. If you plan to travel a lot with your stroller you will like the fact that the stroller has quick-release wheels that pop off for ultimate compactness when folded.
  • Folded size - Most people take their stroller with them in your car. Make sure that the stroller will fit into your trunk when the stroller is folded. The Dreamer Design strollers that our family uses compacts down to as small as 39 x 20 x 12 without the wheels and down to 42 x 25 x 16 with the wheels left on.
  • Handlebar flexibility - When considering a stroller it may be important that the handlebars are adjustable. If your spouse is significantly taller or shorter than you the stroller should have the flexibility to easily adjust the height of the handlebars. The Dreamer Design has adjustable handlebars so that people of varied height will be comfortable pushing the stroller.
  • Storage Pockets - Many people when purchasing a stroller are looking for pockets, pouches, cup holders and storage space that are part of the stroller’s design and construction. The Dreamer Design stroller has storage pockets for holding the supplies you need when out with your baby. There is also a storage basket under the seat.
  • Weight Capacity - Weight capacity refers to the certified weight that the stroller can carry. The number refers to the total weight of the rider and not the weight of any accessories or items carried in the pockets and pouches. When purchasing a jogging stroller make sure that your stroller has enough capacity in order to accommodate your child as they grow older and gain weight. The last thing you want is to have your child outgrow their stroller. The Dreamer Design Manhattan Lite is rated to hold a baby that weighs up to 80 pounds.
  • Warranty - Jogging strollers are an investment in your health and your baby’s health. You want to make your purchase with confidence. The Dreamer Design Manhattan Lite comes with a guarantee on the stroller frame of 5 years, and a guarantee of one year on the non-frame part of your stroller.
  • Available in Canada and USA – Up until now it has been difficult and very expensive to buy a Dreamer Design Manhattan Lite in Canada. BabyTravelPlanet.com is located in Canada and sells The Dreamer Design Manhattan Lite to customers in both Canada and the United States.
  • Affordability - The price for the Dreamer Design Manhattan Lite is $209.00. Pricing is in US dollars. Shipping anywhere in the Continental USA and Canada is $29.95. Shipping costs are refunded on pickup orders.
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