No need to worry about exceeding the luggage limit when you travel if you bring only the bare necessities. No need to travel like a monk. You can dress very well and look perfect at all times, right out of the suitcase. The trick lies in careful planning.

Tip #1. Plan Your Wardrobe

Do you look good in black? If you do, then lucky you. Just get

1 long sleeved black top
1 short sleeved black top
1 black camisole
1 pair of black pants
1 pair of jeans
1 long black skirt
1 short black skirt
Several sets of underwear
2 or 3 comfortable outfits to sleep in.

Okay, you could mix, black with white or go for brown/tan/earth tone clothes instead of black if those suit you better. Or you could be the lady in red by swapping black for red.

Tip #2. Plan Your Skincare

Are you going to the tropics?

Will you be going to a place where the climate is dry and cold?

Plan your skincare accordingly. In a dry climate, you would need a richer moisturizer. You may need a rich lip balm to keep lips from cracking on top of a rich moisturizer for your entire body.

In the tropical environment or a humid environment, skin tends to be oilier, so skincare for oily skin would be more appropriate. Get travel sized kits of skincare you have tried before as you don't want to break out in zits or rashes because of unsuitable skincare while on holiday.

Tip #3 Plan Your Makeup
Do you really need to bring that full sized foundation, full sized powder, blush, 24 colors of eyeshadow,4 blushers and 12 full sized lipstick and other makeup accessories when you travel?
All you really need is a powder brush, a lipstick or gloss, an eyeliner and a bronzer or blusher. The trick is to pick the colors that go with your travelling wardrobe and which look great on you.
If black is your color, then a pink or coral blush, 1 matching lipstick or lipgloss and a black or blue eyeliner are all you need.
If you prefer earth tones, then go for a bronzer (with a hint of gold), peach or brownish lipstick and a dark brown or violet eyeliner.

Using those few makeup items, you can get gorgeous easily.

Read 3 Steps To Natural Makeup for detail.

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