Scientists all over the world have been searching for some sort of evidence that certain foods – most of which you already know; while some will be new – contain protective properties and can help ward off cancer, diabetes and other diseases. To give you a sound base idea and send you running for the nearest super market, I’ve listed seven top super foods that really will make you healthier and happier while building relationships.

1. Cutting calories with Spinach
According to new research from biochemists at Lunds University in Sweden, Eating a spinach salad with your lunch you will automatically eat less food for the remaining part of your day. They discovered that “thylakoids” in spinach – tiny membranes in the leaves coat theft in your food, making it harder to digest. As a direct result the food stays in your intestinal tract longer, thereby making you feel full several hours after you’ve finished eating. For those who don’t care for spinach, no worries; one day these researchers while hard at work today, will succeed at a thylakoid supplement that you’ll be able to enjoy at every meal.

2. Cut colon cancer in half with Flaxseed
Would you believe that Dutch scientists have discovered that taking in lots of plant lignans, which are found in huge abundance in flaxseed, can cut your risk of colorectal cancer literally by 50 percent by reducing growths that can lead to the Cancer. According to Author Dr. Anneleen Knijsten, the more lignans you eat, the greater the benefit. Why? Flaxseed contains the most plant lignans, but other foods, which have high concentrations, include whole-grain cereals, berries, fruits and vegetables.

3. Want to see Better? Try Red Wine
In France it s normal to have Red Wine everyday if you so desire, as it is a part of the culture, but millions of Americans drink red wine to protect their heart. Perhaps you are one such American drinking red wine to protect your heart, and yet have no real idea why it’s good for you. Just let me say this, if you are such a person, scientists say wine a grape-derived drink may be protecting your eyes, too. According to a five year study at Reykjavik Eye Study in Iceland, drinking at least two glasses of re wine per month to three glasses per day can slash your risk of developing cataracts by 50 percent, compared to non drinkers, heavy drinkers and beer drinkers. During the study researchers didn’t examine why red wine protects the eyes, past research shows it may be due to the flavonoid resveratrol, which has already been shown to help prevent macular degeneration, a progressive eye disease that affects mostly elderly people and can lead to blindness.

4. Your heart and Camellia Tea Oil
Most people think olive oil is the healthiest cooking oil around, you maybe surprised to learn that there’s an even healthier one. Camellia tea oil virtually unknown in the United States, comes from the seeds of the camellia plant, a cousin of green tea – has been a longtime favorite among the Chinese and Japanese chefs who love enjoy it for its versatility and heart-boosting benefits. Proud boosting of no trans fat, this virtually tasteless oil is rich in vitamin E, Omega 3 fatty acids and monounsaturated fats – all shown to help reduce the levels of LDL “bad” cholesterol. Use it to fry foods, as a salad dressing or in your favorite recipes.

5. Keeping young with Vegetable Soup
Was your mother swift to sense you needed vegetable soup whenever you got sick, or to prevent you from getting sick just because she had a hunch? Turns out as you now know, mother’s hunch was right; according to scientists from Tufts University Nutrition Research Center on Aging. In a recent study, they found that, in just two weeks, two cups of vegetables soup a day produces a 22 – percent increase in vitamin C in your blood. Vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant that helps lower your risk of heart disease, cancer, stoke, dementia and other age – related illnesses. As you may or may not know the basic ingredients of vegetable soup – tomatoes, cucumbers, green bell pepper, onion, garlic and olive oil – are all healthy just by themselves. But the researchers found that, when you combine, the health benefits become a super charge, turning your soup into an age-defying food you should not go without.

6. Fighting Cancer cells with Açai Berries
Many Scientists suspected that a delicious Brazilian berry called Açai (pronounced ab-SAH’-ee) would be a cancer-fighting powerhouse, and now they’ve discussed they were right. Why? Because it has up to 30 times more anthocyanins – the cancer – killing antioxidants that give grapes their violet color than seen in red wine. Would you believe during a study, the first ever of its kind, researchers at the University of Florida have proved it. When using an extract of the acai berry in a lab test, the team found that the fruit may bigger up to 86 percent of human leukemia cells to self-destruct. The berries taste like a cross between cherries with just a tiny hint of chocolate. They can be found in health – food stores in juices smoothies’ extracts or supplements.

7. Diabetes and a Citrus peel
Did you know a daily supplement of an extract made from the dried peel of citrus fruits might prevent diabetes by restoring insulin sensitivity, according to a study at the University of Hawaii. This health – boosting compounds in the extract, “polymethoxylated flavors” are antioxidants from plant pigment, that give flowers and food their yellow, orange or red colors.

There you have it! My top 7 Super Foods that make you think, before you eat for healthier more romantic relations.

While each of these foods may appear to be simple and non-important, they are each very powerful in their own right. Each of these foods is essential in maintaining good health, and of course energy to burn in a manner that you choose.

If you’re still not convinced ask yourself these questions:

1. Are you efficient enough in your daily activities?
2. Do you overcome stress easily?
3. Can you work all day and still have enough energy left to enjoy the evening?
4. Do you collapse in front of the TV?

These are all questions that are intimately related to your state of health yet they are seldom if ever discuss during medical examinations. Remember Doctor’s and specialists are trained to treat only the diseased part of your body.

They do not take the holistic view. Alertness, endurance, energy, and resistance to daily stresses and the ability to relax easily are all symptoms of good health, so think before you eat.

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