One afternoon our friend, my wife, and I went to see a musical performance in Melbourne . On arrival there, we asked two ladies where the entry was and we went towards it. Walking down from an asphalt slope, we suddenly heard an alarming noise behind us. When we turned around, we noticed that one of these ladies had fallen, sustaining a deep cut on her forehead. The wound was bleeding heavily. She asked if she could see a doctor and her friend and I assisted her to stand up. However, she became pale and was unable to keep herself standing. We sat her down on nearby stairs. She closed her eyes and at that moment it seemed to me that her body became lifeless, and I realized that she had lost consciousness. As the situation was urgent, someone called an ambulance.

A strong suggestion that came to my mind first was that she was slowly passing away. As I am a student of Christian Science, I had a heartfelt desire to assist her. The idea that God is our life came into my thought. In "Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures" by Mary Baker Eddy it is written, “Mortal man will be less mortal, when he learns that matter never sustained existence and can never destroy God, who is man’s Life.”

These spiritual truths inspired me and I was able to mentally refuse the aggressive suggestion of death, vigorously uttering to myself, “NO!” Based on what I knew to be true of everyone, I said to that lady with confidence and all my love, “God is your life!” Soon after that, her eyes opened and I helped her to sit. She looked straight at my eyes without speaking a word. Denying what the physical senses were informing me, I felt the need to repeat to her “God is your life!” In the same moment, her face changed, her eyes illumined with light and her life seemed to be coming back to her body. She said to me twice, “Thank you. You’ve helped me.”

Although her wound was still bleeding, she looked much stronger and even reminded us to go to the concert with her. A few minutes later, the ambulance arrived and they only needed to clean her wound. I told the two attendants what had happened. She was fully conscious and, when she was asked her name and address, she was able to tell the details without any problems. They thanked me, and drove away. After this accident we were still in time for the concert, and enjoyed it so much.

This incident strengthened my understanding of why we should keep our thoughts clear and uplifted. It illustrated to me how good it was that I did not accept in my own mind the worldly temptation to accept seeming pleasure in material wellbeing. It was evident to me that keeping my mind high and pure blessed a stranger in an emergency. The truth in one of Paul’s letters, “…godliness with contentment is great gain”(1 Tim.6: 6) resonated in my mind also.

That experience proved to me again what the true values are in my life. I realized even more that, in order to be satisfied and happy, I should always cherish or maintain in my mind only pure and clear thoughts which come from God when I turn to Him with all my heart. It came clearly to me that to reach the harmonious state of divine Mind, I should watch my own thinking and become aware of the existing divine harmony and peace within myself. That incident on a sidewalk reassured me once more that I do not have to be a witness to anything, really, anything at all, that is not coming from God, who is omnipresent good and from whom only good can come.

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