Pets are a member of the family, so it’s natural to include them in all sorts of family activities, even family portraits. As with any family member, it can be frustrating after capturing what you perceived to be a fantastic image, to find that you would have an otherwise good picture sans the big glowing orbs where your furry friend’s eyes would be. HP digital cameras have introduced a solution to this problem. HP’s pet-eye fix ensures natural looking results through analyzing your pet’s pupil and glint, unlike other solutions intended to remedy red eye which work by merely darkening the glow.

You don’t have to buy special software to get the pictures you want. This feature works in-camera, so before you download, print, or email your photo, it looks great. The feature is available in current HP models including the HP Photosmart R837 digital camera.

HP digital cameras also ensure that you capture the best images of your pet in motion. Capturing your pet during a run at the beach or game of fetch can be difficult. HP’s action shooting mode optimizes shutter speed to freeze the action of your pet’s playfulness.

You can find additional tips on capturing lasting family mementos through digital photography on HP’s Digital Photography Site.

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Working with Melinda to make pet red eye a problem of the past.