How do you survive Valentine's Day when your special valentine is no longer around?

1) If you are feeling sad or depressed, be honest about it.
In the past this may have been a special day for you and
your loved one. But now you are alone. If you are sad,
be being honest about it.

2) Think of ways to make the day special for you. Is there a
friend you can call to get together with for lunch or a
movie or just for coffee?

3) How about a long soak in a bubble bath or curling up with
a good book you have been wanting to read.

4) How about just reaching out to someone and letting them
know you appreciate the fact that they are part of your

What I am trying to do is present options for you to consider. The day will be different this year. If you loss is recent, you may simply want to make it through the day.

My suggestion is to be honest about how you are feeling in the moment, right now. Then, ask yourself what feels right for you, given your present circumstances. Your answers will come. Trust that inner voice which always knows the answers to the questions you ask.

If you can formulate and ask the true question of your heart, your answer will come. It may not come to you at exactly the time you want it, but it will come in the best possible time for you to receive it.

Grief and loss present many challenges until the griever is able to move beyond their grief. Each person must find their own way through the challenges of the various holidays and special days on the calendar.

For me, focusing on the present moment is an empowering way to take charge of each day, whether or not it is considered a holiday. As each moment flows into the next moment there comes the gradual awareness that you can choose how you will live each of these precious moments.

Living each moment fully and completely is really all we can do, whether we are grieving the loss of someone close or not.

What I find happening when I can stay present in the moment is that I am more available to access the wisdom which resides inside. This univeresal wisdom is there for each of us, to guide us through each moment of each day.

Holidays can be tough for those who grieve. But, if you can stay open to the moment, you will realize that what lies beyond grief is the love that resides within what may now feel like a broken heart. Cherish the love beyond your grief.

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Sandy Clendenen provides programs and services for widows who are feeling stuck in their grief.

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