It is vital to conduct pre-employment background screens
when opening a daycare. These checks safeguard both you
and the children in your care. They establish two things.
The first is to verify that the person applying for the
position within your childcare center is indeed the person
they claim to be. The second would be to expose any
criminal history which could prove detrimental to the
safety of all concerned. Pre-employment background checks
can also incorporate a drugs tests. The safety of staff
and children plus avoiding future legal challenges are the
main reasons you should conduct said checks.

The first thing you do when someone applies to work at your
new daycare business is to have a background screen
contract to hand. The candidate should be informed of the
purpose of the contract i.e. they are giving you permission
to conduct a background investigation on them. You may,
like many companies, provide an option for them to consent
to a drugs test. Considering the nature of your potential
business it is advisable to include said drugs test. The
safety of the children is paramount.

Naturally, due to time constraints on you and the
specialized nature of the background checks you will need
to outsource to a dependable company. Research different
options and haggle for a good rate, many companies offer
discounts to new business and businesses that deal with
children. Check with existing, reputable daycares what
companies they use and what rates they are paying. Also,
contact your insurance provider to determine if, because
you require background screening at your facility, you
are eligible for discounts.

Certan information is not permissable, by law, to be used
in determining the suitability of a candidate. For example
you cannot use a disability as grounds for deeming someone
unworthy of employment. Nor can you use previous debts,
low credit scores or medical conditions. These would be
considered discrimination and could land you in a lot of
trouble. However, you need to assess the overall welfare
of your daycare center when considering any of the above
because if they were to pose a significant danger to any
aspect of your business or the people therein i.e a severly
contagious disease, then you may have grounds for not
hiring an individual.

Timing is vital when organising your background checks for
potential employees of your new daycare business. Many
companies can take up to two weeks to return results.
Others may respond in as little as three days but these
tend to be the more expensive option. So, plan your
recruitment drive with this point in mind. Place the
returned screening in the candidates file and keep in a
secure place i.e. a locked filing cabinet. Remember, this
is sensitive, personal information.

Finally, when opening your daycare center you should
perform background checks on all employees not just those
working directly with the children. So, you might consider
your cook, administrator or janitor. Anyone that wil be
working in your center with access to the children, however
limited. Remember, the safety and welfare of the children
is paramount at all times.

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