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Do you love people? Do you love things? Do you love
people and not things? Do you love things and not
people? Do you love yourself? Do you love whatever
you're addicted to? Do you love money? Do you love
the thrill of the *chase?* Do you love the feeling of defeat?

*** Don't laugh. The feeling of defeat can be a definite
turn on for someone who doesn't succeed at anything
except defeat. The point here is to find what you love. ***

You see, everyone loves something. Even the person who
says he doesn't know how to love. At the bare minimum,
he loves the feeling of not knowing how to love, simply
because he is in his *comfort zone.* If nothing else, people
*love* to be in their comfort zone, even if the comfort zone
excludes love.

Again, I say, everyone loves something. It may be in varying
degrees, but it's still a form of love.

If someone asked you if you felt loved, and your answer was
*no,* but you wished you did, then this article is for you.

Lot's of people don't feel loved, but wished they did. The
problem is, they don't know how. They don't realize that love
can be a learned response.

There are people out there who are loved, who are loving, and
who love. Lots of times, but not always, one person is all three.
Are you saying to yourself, yeah, that's THEM. I'm ME.
Nobody loves me. That may be your reality, but it's not law.
I say: If you can think, you can learn. If you can learn, you
can love. If you can love, you can be loved.

Practice loving yourself, and understand and believe that what
goes around comes around. Isn't that simple?

Once you love yourself, you will automatically send out love.
*** We're not talking romantic love here. We're talking basic life -- we're-happy-to-be-alive-we're-in-love-with-the-world love.

My life turned around once I discovered how to love myself.

Do you want to know how I did it? Here's how:

Whenever I had a negative thought, I said, "Thank you, Lord!"

I triggered myself to immediately recognize that I was having a
negative thought, and to say, "Thank you, Lord!" in its place!

The minute a thought came in that said anything negative, I went
immediately to "Thank you, Lord!" Your words could be the
same or different. It doesn't matter as long as you replace your
negativity with something that wasn't negative. Your words
could be, "Hot dang! I did it again! I ain't going to do that no
more!", and then smile like you've never smiled before. It really
doesn't matter. Whatever you choose to say will stop the old
habit of thinking badly, and the smile alone will do wonders.
When you get the negative thoughts gone, you'll have plenty of
room to feel the love you are giving yourself!

Take control of your life and your thoughts now. Stop the bad
thought the minute the first word comes out and replace it with
words that you now *choose.*

Again, say what makes you feel good and nullifies the situation,
taking away the negativity.

*** In case, you didn't realize it, negativity does not promote love.
We need to promote love in ALL our thoughts, so we can become
used to having love in our lives. ***

What you are really doing is helping yourself immensely. You know
how? Remember that I said, What goes around, comes around?
You've now decided to stop the bad from going out. That, alone,
will change your life around. Make it a point to only send out good.

Truly. Only YOU can decide. Only you can fill your life with love.
Once you have love inside, you'll receive more of it, because that's
what you'll be sending out.

*** If you would like to know more about what goes around, comes
around, click here ***

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