Do you ever wake up and already wish you had more hours in the day? Imaging more hours to sleep, more hours to play. Each day we’re given this beautiful gift of 24 hours to fill in any way that we choose. Like many of us, I always fill mine to the point of overflow.

Many of us want to know how to make more hours and how to leave the rat race behind. For me, it’s a matter of priorities. If I look at where I’m spending my time, there are always things on the list that don’t bring me joy. Personally, that would be taxes, accounting and the little details.

Many of us as entrepreneurs follow our passion only to find that we’re caught up in more than we bargained for. Some got into business to provide a service, only to find that they’re now an administrator with little time to actually do the passion- the reason behind the business in the first place!

But one of the great things about life is that those things that are “work” for me, are a joy for others. The secret is in knowing your priorities and knowing what you can say “YES!” to.

What I mean by that is this… What fills your heart with such joy and excitement that you just can’t wait to do it? What would you do just for the sheer joy of it, even if you didn’t get paid? It is really quite simple- Just go do that!

Stay away from the energy drains which always turn into time wasters. Time is devoured when you’re doing something you don’t enjoy and those precious moments are gone- never to return. Then lack of time becomes an even greater problem and the cycle continues and accelerates, like getting sucked deeper and deeper into quick sand.

We need to change our habits that have created the problem and break the cycle.

Today I’m choosing to eliminate the things in my life that don’t bring me joy. It’s not selfish to do only the things that make you happy- it’s just plain smart! I actually believe it’s selfish NOT TO do the things you love.

No one benefits by your being miserable and playing small in the world. Today I’m consciously reviewing and focusing on only the things I like and walking away from those that don’t serve me. The result? More time. More joy. More things I can say “YES!” to.

Let go of the story of what you should/shouldn’t do, the old habits and concepts that got you to this point of overload in the first place, and you’ll discover a newfound gift, called time. And usually when you find time, you’ll also find it’s hanging out with one of its best friends, called joy.

Today, may you have the courage to walk away from those things that no longer serve you. May you create the time to do the things that bring you the greatest joy and celebrate the things to which you can say “YES”!

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